Monday, August 22, 2011

New Video

Perhaps DeLaredo 2.0 is a bit slow to get on board, but a compadre just mentioned that a new and updated Mami Chula's video hit the airwaves weeks ago.

Same song. Different video.

I think the new video is a promotional endeavor . Either way, even though some Laredo bloggers might be a bit disgruntled about the presence of Laredo's southside and westside beer runs, DeLaredo 2.0 is not. This blog is dedicated to the empowerment of the individual. And, if people want to buy their Schlitz at such establishments, more power to them.

In fact, the esteemed mayor of Laredo, Raul Salinas, doesn't have qualms about taking photos with the man behind the microphone, Estylo Triple S. If you recall it was the video, the song, and the establishment itself which drew the ire of the bible-toting, religious quoting constituency last spring.

It . . . it . . . it was for the children, if memory serves correct.

Personally, I see Mami Chula's and Triple S being unfairly prosecuted for purported crimes against Laredo society. To some, it was like a modern-day witch-hunt, a toxic McCarthy-era recipe of paranoia and unfounded accusations against some smart entrepreneurs and a few innocent young ladies--who I am certain are using their tips to further their college educations.

The south side and west side beer run establishments did nothing as terrible as what the rabble made them out to be. Hell, I know the mayor is all about photo ops, but why take pictures of someone if you later criticize and label their artistic work as "indecent?" I know el alcalde likes to pander to the vociferous rabble, but come on, where's the First Amendment?

Just for that, I think I'll buy my next six pack at Mami Chula's.

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