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Fight at the International Bridge

Whoah.  Things got heated at the ol' International Bridge today.  Just to tell you, Egg Nog and long lines at the CBP checkpoint are not conducive to harmony and good cheer.

According to reports in the LMT, a little road rage led to an all out fist fight worthy of Laredo Fights videos (see above).  But, in this case, it brought out the Feds and orders for these hooligans to get on the floor and to get down quickly.

Personally, if I had a gun drawn on me by law enforcement, I'd be eating dirt quickly and efficiently.  Yes, self-preservation and all that.  Either way, just wait till those Paisanos hit the bridges.  Yikes!

Freebie Monday! (part 1) The Bottle Returns

There was a time in my life where I was a Cow-sheep and I gave my money blindly over to Jerry Jones. I loved me some football and some Dallas Cowboys. However, somewhere along the way, for many reasons that I don't wish to write about, I lost all interest in the NFL and especially in Jerry's team. Because of that, I am giving away all my Cowboys memorabilia (not that I have much left).

I first tried to give this bottle away in a Twitter contest I held about two years ago. However, the winner of that contest, a man from Zapata, never came by to collect his prize. After repeated calls and emails went unanswered, I am putting up again for some lucky Jerry Jones disciple to add to their collection.

The bottle itself goes for about 15 maybe 25 dollars on Ebay. It's actually a fairly common Coke bottle, nonetheless, it would still be a great gift with the holidays coming up. At one point in my life, I loved me the Dallas Cowboys brand, and I because of that I want this bottle t…