Saturday, July 23, 2011


I'm working on a few things for the blog. I have not been updating lately, but I have my digicam this weekend so look for new pics of "Around Town" by Monday. Have a good weekend gente and easy on the Schlitz.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puro *inche oldschool

Some people just say it like it is. They have no time or desire to sugar-coat the truth. The guy in this picture fits that description perfectly. He's a ruco old-school and they ain't no denying it.

My prima sent me this pic several days ago. According to her, she saw this man at a local eatery and had to snap a a picture of him, no doubt thinking of the raw beauty that old school has.

Nonetheless, "Old-school" is great, but "Puro Pinche Old-school", wow that is golden.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bob Costas and Al Michaels Calling game

I'm staying home tonite and I'm going to enjoy the Giants vs. Mets game being called by Bob Costas and Al Michaels on the MLB network. You're invited. Drinks (Pepsi) are on me! Spin by.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bridge Crosswalk

Downtown crosswalk to Nvo. Laredo
Looks better in a picture than it does in person. Nonetheless, I'm going there later today to take some pictures. (Pic found on

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MakeupJunkie18's Youtube Channel

Doing some simple searching on Youtube for local Laredo videos, I somehow stumbled upon Makeupjunkie18’s blog and Youtube channel.  Jennifer is the person responsible for some interesting makeup and fashion videos that she has posted on her channel for the others to view and take note.

The thing that caught my attention about her videos is how at ease and carefree she seems in front of her webcam. I would like to be that comfortable in front of the camera myself, but the only thing I ever show on online is my hairy hand. :)

Back to Jennifer and her  Makeupjunkie18 alter ego. A quick visit to her blog reveals her love for creams, nail polish and even cotton swabs. Her blog has a clean, smooth layout and it even had me reading some of the reviews for the various skin creams. (Yes, I use skin creams.  The hot sun damages my skin OK!)

After poking around her blog and viewing several of her video reviews for a while, I shot her a quick email to see if she would be willing to answer some questions for a written interview.  I had seen that her channel had over 3,000 subscribers so it was a little bit of intrigue and jealousy that drove me to learn some more about this local girl producing her own makeup reviews for the web. I asked her some questions to learn about her hobby. 

Questions and answers are found below the page break.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tweety's Upgrades Sign

It looks like my favorite snack shack upgraded to a brand-spanking new sign to lure customers zooming by on Loop 20. They even spelled Tweety's right this time. Yeay!

West Express Closes

Some days are just death to your heart.  They splatter your soul over the scorching concrete with the hatred of a thousand Confederate soldiers.

 I lived through one such day just several days ago when I learned that my personal Mecca of movie mayhem, West Coast Video, had officially shut down its doors after more than two decades of proudly serving Laredo. With the advent of Netflix, Redbox and rampant pirated dvds, it was only a matter of time before most video stores were forced to shut down due to dwindling traffic and business. Locally,
both Movie Palace and Hollywood Video closed down several years ago, and now with the passing of another video great, only Blockbuster and the automated Video-Matic are left standing.

Throughout the 90s, West Express Video was my second home.  It was a place where I could aimlessly wander the aisles for an hour on Friday nights in a futile attempt to choose between the latest Wesley Snipes action flick or the absurd acting found in a Stevan Segal film.  Other than my other main temple, Movie Palace Video, West Express was my go to place to rent the latest comedy releases or choose from their extensive selection of 70s slasher horror.

The best thing about West Express is that for a long time they were located adjacent to the Mr. Donuts/Dunkin Donuts on Guadalupe. How closer to heaven could it have been?

 It was the perfect combination: videos and donuts. Many times, my brother and I went down and bought us a dozen donuts and rented several flicks to enjoy at home. The 90s were a great time and West Express Video was the perfect spot to rent a good time or two.

Now, I ‘m saddened to see it go the way of the VHS. Nonetheless, thanks for the memories, West Express Video. It's just too bad we can't rewind the years.

Forbidden Dances, Blackface, and Tantangelo: The 1990 WBCA Parade (part 1)

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