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MakeupJunkie18's Youtube Channel

Doing some simple searching on Youtube for local Laredo videos, I somehow stumbled upon Makeupjunkie18’s blog and Youtube channel.  Jennifer is the person responsible for some interesting makeup and fashion videos that she has posted on her channel for the others to view and take note.

The thing that caught my attention about her videos is how at ease and carefree she seems in front of her webcam. I would like to be that comfortable in front of the camera myself, but the only thing I ever show on online is my hairy hand. :)

Back to Jennifer and her  Makeupjunkie18 alter ego. A quick visit to her blog reveals her love for creams, nail polish and even cotton swabs. Her blog has a clean, smooth layout and it even had me reading some of the reviews for the various skin creams. (Yes, I use skin creams.  The hot sun damages my skin OK!)

After poking around her blog and viewing several of her video reviews for a while, I shot her a quick email to see if she would be willing to answer some questions for a written interview.  I had seen that her channel had over 3,000 subscribers so it was a little bit of intrigue and jealousy that drove me to learn some more about this local girl producing her own makeup reviews for the web. I asked her some questions to learn about her hobby. 

Questions and answers are found below the page break.

 1) How long have you had your Makeup Junkie Blog and how did you get started?
Well I've had my youtube channel since September 2009 and my blog since November  2009. When i first start doing videos i actually had another channel "Jennym1991"; that's where it all started. I started off making contest entry videos and from there i started to make beauty videos my first video was an "about me" video basically introducing myself and what my goal was. But for some reason my channel got hacked so that's when i made MaKeUpJuNkiiE18. 

1.5) Tell us about yourself:  Well my Name Is Jennifer Manzo im 19 years old turning 20 in 1 month =)
I graduated from Martin High School C/09. I went to LCC for a year and the following year i didn't go for dumb reasons but God Willing i'll be going back this fall. I'm currently working at Forever21. Been working there for 1year and 8 months. When I'm not working I'm either making a video,playing my favorite game Dance Central, or sleeping lol.

2) Why do you consider yourself a makeup Junkie?
Well If you step into my room you'll see why lol I have a book shelf in my room not necessarily for books but for my makeup items. One shelf is for all of my nail polishes which i have 200 of them. Next shelf is for all of my lotions, body sprays,& perfumes. Then the next 2 shelfs i have 4 sterlite containers filled with makeup lol I love seeing peoples reactions when they come in my room and see all of my makeup collection. Ive been collecting makeup since the summer of 2009.
3) What kind of response have you had with your videos on Youtube?
When i first started with my videos i had alot of negative comments saying that i sucked, to get a life, etc. and to be honest it did hurt to read all that. But with time i got so annoyed and just blew it off. Every person that left a mean and rude comment i would delete their comment and block them. I wasn't going to allow any negativity on my channel. But now i get a lot of messages from my viewers on how much i inspire them and to never stop making videos. When i read messages like that i know its all worth it =) Alot of girls also leave me requests on what my next videos should be and from there i chose and that's what i film. And thanks to all of my loyal and supportive viewers they helped me reach More than 3,000 subscribers and make Partner.
4) In your own words, what is the main purpose of your blog and videos? 
Well like i said in the question above, the whole reason i even started my youtube channel was because of another youtube guru i saw Dulcecandy87. She inspired me so much and helped me with my confidence that i decided to do the same. My purpose is to help and inspire other girls to look and feel confident.

5) What kind of feedback or comments do you receive from friends on family regarding your videos?
Lol I get asked this question alot. Well when i first started making videos i kept it a secret and nobody knew that i made videos. I would lock my self in my room or in the bathroom and just film but then my sister had walked in on me and found out. So i decided to just let my brother and sister know then months later my brother had squealed on me to my parents and asked to see my videos. Lol I was mortified! But luckily they were ok with it and they were very supportive now all of my family knows and thinks its great. Even my dad's co workers watch my videos lol.

6) What does the future hold for your Makeup Junkie Blog?
Well Im planning on Vlogging a little bit more. I use to vlog alot when i first started but then stop for some strange reason. Alot of my subscribers ask for me to do "A day with Jenny" videos basically just filming myself and what i do through out the day. So you can look out for more of that =)


Anonymous said…
But don't fall in love. She's a beauty. She's one in a million girls...
DeLaredo said…
Love is so fickle
Anonymous said…
Awww congrats jenny! super excited for u!...u deserve this feature and many more :) keep it up with u all the way gurl!...much love!
_Bluepimpnchick ;)
Anonymous said…
Haven't ya heard? DeLaredo makes dreams come true!

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