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We hate it when our friends become successful

To steal a line from Morrissey, I could just go lay down on the woods and die every time I see an old classmate / relative or acquaintance blowing up and getting more recognition that they deserve. It sounds selfish and trivial, but everywhere I turn these days, I see old foes surpassing me and leaving me alone and abandoned, like a tattered hat on the dance floor of El Gastronomico.

I sure do hate that my friends are becoming so damn successful. Even though my seething anger will eventually turn to  actual happiness for their achievements, I feel a great displeasure at almost reaching 40 and stuck in a huge rut of nothingness. I see neighbors and ex-friends, girlfriends and ex-wives thriving in their business or careers. And here I am, quoting bad Moz songs and feeling like Hebbronville, TX: distant, forgotten and inconsequential. 

That same feeling reflects my attitude toward Laredo. Lately, so many wonderful things have been occurring, growth spurting out at all sides. Yet, I feel ve…

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