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South Laredo Taco Trail

We down in south Laredo are not privy to the national eatery chains that adorn the other side of town. When it comes to all the "good restaurant chains", we are left with empty bellies and broken hearts. Places like Cheddars, Chillis, Applebees and Longhorn Steakhouse will not dare open up a location in the southside. But that is just too bad for them; that is their loss. We don't need their fancy corporate fannies in my part of town. We have our own locally grown chains that cater to our to what Laredo is really about, tacos, tacos and more tacos starting with Laredo's own trinity-trifecta known as TaconMadre, Taco Tote and mighty Taco Palenque.

Down on south Zapata Hwy, by Cigarroa High, all three taco giants are duking it our for supremacy along a 5 block strip that oozes guacamole. South Laredo has no need for national jokes when all we need are tacos done right.

So if you live on the wrong side of town, you know anywhere north of Guadalupe, take a drive to the …

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