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Fall, Flags and Football

Fall, Flags and Football by Maria Cisneros
Every school year, around this time, I start hearing drums whenever I wake up in the morning. I even hear them when I get home from work. At first I think it’s all in my head, but then I start looking around my little neighborhood and notice that off in the distance a group of people are gathered. I see them pause and then I see them follow a leader. The leader is armed with a whistle and a baton and then that’s when it all clicks: marching band season is on and the football games are coming up. Aside from the fact that I should already be used to this (I’ve lived here for over fifteen years) listening to the whole array of musical instruments makes me feel like it’s already mid-October and football season is already in full swing. It blurs the fact that it’s still August and hot as hell outside. Let me tell you one thing about me: I love football but I especially love what the season entails. It marks the beginning of my yearly t…

Shortstop Burgers and Golden Chicken

When I moved down to Laredo in 1992, two of my favorite places to eat were Golden Chicken and Shortstop Burgers. Don't blame me for terrible taste in food. Rather, blame my aunt and uncle. They would always drag us down to eat at these two places during the weekends. Now, these places have both closed down or changed names, but the bitter taste of their flavore still remains in my mouth years after.

Shortstop Burgers had a location, that I can recall, on the intersection of Zapata Hwy. and Loop 20. Their burgers would always be semi-burned and their salty fries were always a nuisance to my taste buds. But because they were inexpensive, Shorstop Burgers always had a long line of waiting customers, especially on Friday nights. They closed down sometime in the mid 90s, I believe. Now, a Tortas Yukon stands where the famous Shortstop Burgers were once located.

The other eatery that I cherish from my terrible teen years, was Golden Chicken, located downtown across the street from Int&#…

Y2K Compliant

I went to the doctor a week ago for a routine check-up. This doctor had the latest equipment. So much so that all his equipment, including the examination table is Y2K ready. Good! That makes me feel at ease.

Life's Expectations, and other Shortcomings

(DeLaredo is pleased to announce that we have added a columnist and featured contributor to our silly blog. Meet Ms. Mary C. Read her initial work, Life's Expectations, below.)
When we’re younger and na├»ve, we have certain expectations about our life and how we want it all to turn out. When you get older and the veil starts to slowly slip away, you notice that things in life almost never turn out the way you want them to. Sure, they may come out close to how you want them to be but never exactly the way you planned. I remember when I was younger and was constantly writing about what I was going to do with my life and who I was going to spend it with. I knew exactly where I wanted to attend college and exactly what kind of guy I was going to marry. I even had it down to what age I was going to get married and at what age I was going to have my first baby. Yup, didn’t turn out like that at all. I know the saying goes that things happen for a reason. Sure they do. Let me tel…

The Hand goes to the Broncos' game

Several days ago, due to the renewed interest in Broncos' baseball, I went down and experienced a game a the ol' ballpark. I will provide you proof and pictures, mostly of my hand at said event. For the first installment, I will tell you of my latest trip down to Veteran's Field to watch the Broncos and their newest player, Mr Juice himself, Jose Canseco.

I arrived to the game at the top of the 1st inning and waited in line to buy the tickets to the biggest sporting event that Laredo has seen in quite a while. Already, eager fans were filling up the stands with an overflowing anticipation and the Canseco buzz was stirring among the faithful that had gathered to get a glimpse of their childhood hero and one-time MLB superstar.

     Being the frugal chump that I am, I bought the least expensive tickets available, general admission seating in the nose bleed section and the only place a true fan ever sits. I made my way into the park and up to find my seat, but not before ma…

Jose Canseco update

It seems that Jose is doing good enough in Laredo. According to his twitter account, he hit a home run in his first at-bat in Laredo. He's asking for support for the Broncos. I'm going out to the game next time. C u there.

BTW, Jose seems to have 350,00 followers on Twitter. I on the other hand, have 76. It's a tight race to the finish line.

Canseco to play for Broncos?

Great. Jose Canseco is bringing his circus to Laredo. Fun. Maybe he can pitch for the Broncos too.

Rangers vs. Yankees tonite

Rangers vs. Yankees tonite at 7:30 pm. If Rangers lose tonite, please don't talk to me for two days.

La Cumbia Metalera (sketch)

One of the funniest sketches I've seen in a while. It's a mock video of some heavy metal goth dudes doing a cumbia, complete with a funny interview. I'm not too sure if the band actually exists or not, but check out the video and song. I kinda like the cumbia metalera. I gotta download it to my Zune.

Laredo by Band of Horses

"Gonna take a trip to Laredo
Gonna take a dip in the lake
Oh, I'm at a crossroads with myself
I don't got no one else"

 So I just heard this neat little ditty song. Just the fact that it mentions "Laredo"
in the lyrics is cool enough.

Just One of those Days

Just one of those Days (by GB )
I met a Venezuelan chick at a Vietnamese restaurant. We ate some hot enchiladas, that we washed down with cold Heinekens. We danced Lambada to Sinatra records But she then left on the first train to London. It was all too odd though, for we were in Cotulla.

Rangers Update

I know that in these parts football is king. Also, this is Spurs and Cowboys territory. Sure, I guess. But even though you prolly didn't ask for it, I'm going to give you a Texas Rangers update.

Random Lyrics (pt. 7)

Time after time I put my life on the line
But I ain't committed no crime, so take what you can find
Forget what I say cos I'll keep running away
I only live for today, but I'm one day behind

(words I live by)