Rangers Update

I know that in these parts football is king. Also, this is Spurs and Cowboys territory. Sure, I guess. But even though you prolly didn't ask for it, I'm going to give you a Texas Rangers update.

Hop on the bandwagon now, while it's still early enough, and not when we make it to the World Series cuz then you will just be a complete Loser with a capital L.

The Rangers signed some veterans to strengthen their already first place team, 8 games ahead of Oakland and the Angels. Besides big name-dominating pitcher Cliff Lee, they also traded for Jorge Cantu. I mentioned him, because he is a product of south Texas, all the way from the valley; MAcllen. Maybe that's a reason to root for the team, maybe its not. In any case, Rangers are winning the pennant this year. Take that to Falcon Bank!


BT Blues said…
Rangers are good. And, it is particularly noteworthy that they are on the move with such a huge lead in the AL West.

A long time in coming. A long time.

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