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Greeting a new year and a new Decade

"Now everyone is talking about this new decade
Like you say the magic numbers
then just say goodbye to the stupid mistakes you made,
but my memory serves me far too well."

New Years Eve is here, and along with it comes a heap of expectations. Finally, with the start of a new decade, I can start afresh and "say goodbye to the stupid mistakes I made". 2010 promises to be a good year and I brand new decade for me, for this blog, for Laredo in general.

I recall how 10 years ago, with the Y2k scare, right about this time I was loading up on bottled water and Cheetos. With all the hype I though it would be wise to stock up on on essentials, for, "just in case". That was 1999. I was a kid, surfing the web on my WebTV, going to LCC and and eating Dunkin Donuts. But, there is no looking back. The 00's are over. They were not kind to me at all, so now it's time to start over again in the 10's. This will be my decade. Watch and see.

Super S Foods on Santa Maria

Very few stores are as fun as Super S Foods. Here, you can find the total "Laredo experience", especially on Sunday afternoons, when it seems as if the entire west side congregates here to snatch up the required essentials for the obligatory Sunday carne asada reverent feast.

I ventured out to this supermarket, not so long ago, and took some snapshots, just for you my eager and faithful audience. What I found, and what I suspect that half the west side projects are already aware of, is the vast superiority of Super S over other chains such as HEB and Narvaez. Before you begin to throw tomatoes at me and spit out your Bud Light in a bitter rage, take a peek at the evidence below.

Super S has it all: (picture above)
1) Obligatory west side residents giving you hard stares: Check
2) Obligatory Mexican Cd's for sale outside store: Check
3) Obligatory pirated DVD's for sale outside store: Check

Great store, ample parking. Friendly locals. Fast checkouts. Looks like I will be …

Stryper Sucks!

Stryper sucks, but apparently the guy that wrote this in this bathroom stall style didn't get the memo.

Gas station near Laredo, TX

I found this priceless picture on flickr. It has every stereotype in the book. Old junked cars on the side. Check. Mangy dog on porch. Check. Obligatory car seat as porch furniture. Check. The place is priceless.

(note: Go here for original picture as found on flickr)

Shopping Downtown (en el centro)

Its been a while since I have gone shopping downtown. I'm not too sure why I haven't gone either. When I was in my teens, I used to enjoy going to the downtown shops and browsing around, or just hanging out and enjoying the sights and sounds. At the time, I used to ride the Metro. Now that I drive, it's harder to go downtown. Parking sucks. Nonetheless, I made it a point to go downtown this Saturday afternoon and take some snapshots. I'll catch the locals in all their glory. Come back on Sunday for some good pictures of downtown Laredo.

(note: the picture above was found on Flickr)

Iglesia Bautista, Nueva Vida

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a church that I spotted over by Malinche and Guadalupe, behind la pulga. The church, Pare deSufrir, has faced all sorts of criticism and has been called everything from 'charlatans' to outright 'liars and heretics' by other, more conservative groups (read a quick article here, in Spanish).

I had meant to visit this particular church, just out of sheer curiosity, but I thought twice about it after reading some articles on this particular religious group, labeling them a 'dangerous sect'. They belong to a larger group that calls itself, La Iglesia Universal delReinodeDios, and are based out of Brazil. The more I began to read on this group, the more interested I became in visiting their temple and seeing first hand, just what they are all about.

Now, I believe myself to be a 'freethinker' and I think I have a 'to each his own' mentality. I'm not trying to knock this particular group. I am, however, intrigu…

Wings and Mas

I hadn't noticed it, but Wings and Mas is no mas. Sorry to see them go. Let's see what opens there this time.


I stumbled upon El Manana's blog, and even though it has lots of shortcomings, I guess its better than not having an online newspaper at all. The blog does leave a lot to be desired, but as El Manana editors state on their site, the blog is "still a work in progress and although we try to bring the latest breaking news from our local frontier, and around the global, we are still working out a few bugs."

I guess then, that I will remain patiently waiting for those bugs to get creased out, as LMT abandoned their online format months ago, and are now on a pay basis only for local articles. In the mean time, I will try to put up with Nuevo Laredo's English version blog. Seems that they are trying to fill that niche of readers that LMT lost when they went to pay-only format. There are a lot of us out there, that are looking for Laredo news online. Maybe in the future, LaredoSun will be that source we seek. Until then, I wait.

Random Laredenses pt. 5

BorderTown Blunder

I was redesigning the blog a week ago and several things were accidentally deleted. Therefore I had to start again on several blog gadgets, and I still haven't been able to fully correct them.

Also, I hadn't noticed that one of my compadre blogs was linked incorrectly. It seems that I somehow goofed on the link for Bordertown Blues blog and it was directing to another page which seems like it belongs to some sort of musical starlet. Oops. In any case, the correction has been made...but hmm, this other page does look interesting. Maybe there is a connection between the two sites. Anyone know of it?

I'm sure this blonde bombshell is also an intellectual. You might be surprised.

Chelas Original Fried Pies

I found the following flyer waiting for me at my doorstep when I got home from work today. It seems a new business, over on the Loop by Century City, with the name of Chela's Original Fried Pies has just opened up. The place sounds promising. I might just go check it out and report back to you here, as to just how good those pies are. I'll keep you posted.

Burlington Carnival Time

Happy Thanksmas: Paisanos, Posadas and Party People

(from the archives)The following article was first found on the now defunct DeLaredo.Net, but its subject matter is still relevant today. Initially, I wrote it several days after Thanksgiving 2007. Please keep that in mind as you read the short opinion piece.

Happy ThanksMas:Paisanos, Posadas and Party People
by DeLaredo

Another holiday season is here upon us, and with it have arrived the long lines at the international bridges and the jam-packed crowds at the mall that makes shopping unbearable. Also, it's the season of endless posadas and a flooding of champurrado that brings smiles to even the most hardened Scrooges. Still, as much as I love this season of joy and giving, it seems that every year the Christmas season is extended and exploited further and combined into a two month extravaganza.

All around my subdivision, some of my eager neighbors have already put up their Christmas decorations right after Halloween. Turkey Day has not even passed and they are already looking f…

Missouri-Pacific Station circa 1978

Looking on Google, for old Laredo pics, I ran across this sweet gem of a picture, of the Missouri Pacific station, taken sometime in 1978. The scene just looks so tranquil, even with the locomotive zooming by, noisily in the background. What I would give to have experienced Laredo, in all its glory, that year.

Pare de Sufrir

(photo: Church on Guadalupe and Bartlett)

Faith can sometimes be expensive and in these trouble times, remedies to all our ills are just a couple of bucks away. This church, Pare deSufir, called a quasi-Christian sect by a Baptist friend of mine, has always captured my attention. I've never belittled someone else's beliefs, but the 'infomercials' done by this particular denomination are quite intriguing. I've been meaning to walk in to a service, just to experience the place. Maybe one of these days I just will. I don't frequent 'maquinitas', but these days church is even a bigger gamble.

West Express Video

One of the last remaining local video stores, West Express, located on Guadalupe St, has an excellent selection of movie titles available. Check out their great selection next time you are staying in for a movie night.


Karmic Law Gone Awry: Sport Column

Karmic Law Gone Awry
by Clark Kent
for DeLaredo Blog

Green Bay’s favorite son, Brett Favre, returned to the Packers Lambeau Field this past Sunday as a member of the dreaded rival Minnesota Vikings. The equivalent to Cowboy fans, as Troy Aikman returning to Texas Stadium in a hated Redskins uniform.
Green Bay is by far the smallest market in the NFL, with a population of a little over 100,000 and this traditional old fashion mid-western city was a community torn on Sunday. Torn between their loyalty to a Brett Favre that helped to bring back the Green Bay Packers from complete NFL obscurity, that had existed since the era of Vince Lambardi in the 60’s and a Brett Favre that had, in the eyes of some Packers fans, turned his back on Green Bay.
Now whether Favre turned his back on Green Bay by his own accord or he was run off by the front office, is still uncertain. What is for sure is that Favre plays this game with a boyish charm and passion not seen in many of today’s mode…

"un besito pa' todas las haters"

I first saw this video about two months ago after it became something of a mini, local viral hit among the high school teen crowd. I didn't really see a point to it, other than the two protagonists in the video, show a strong command of local Spanglish street talk. My younger cousins, in their teens, love to imitate the young ladies in this video. I offer no judgement on their behavior or their free use of profanity. To each his own. The video caused such a stir, it was parodied by several local kids. Watch below: "Dale shine"

This is the original video

This is a short parody

Another short parody

The video parodies aren't really SNL like quality, but you have to admire their creative output.

Soon we won't have a bookstore but...

I don't mean to sound like a yuppie, go green, tree hugging, Starsucks drinking, anti-gun, liberal, snobby elitist, BUT...

Laredo has something like 5 gun shops, 8 Liquor stores, 2 porn shops, 5 beer runs, over 25 "maquinitas" but...

pretty soon we won't have a bookstore in this town. I'm just saying.

Laredo has never really been a place for culture and knowledge. We prize our carne asada, Bud Light drinking, Little Joe listening pastimes (not that it's necessarily wrong). Reading is not really our forte. I'm just saying...we won't have a bookstore pretty soon in this city. But, honestly, looking around me and glancing around at the population, I'm not that surprised. I'm just saying...

Are you surprised? Leave your comments regarding the pending closure of our only true bookstore.

South Side boy in Box

Driving around Laredo, I spotted a little boy playing carelessly in a box, having the time of his life. I drove by, just wishing, that I could have as much fun with something as simple as a cardboard box.

South Side View

I took these pics from outside of a friend's house somewhere in the south side.

The Spurs-Lakers Dominance

DeLaredo Sports Columnist: Clark Kent

"The Spurs Lakers Dominance"

The Spurs and the Lakers have combined to win 8 of the last 11 NBA championships. Even a casual observer can easily see that these two NBA franchises have dominated the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the past decade; even more impressive is that these two teams do not show any signs of fading. This year the Spurs have their deepest team to date, even more so than in their championship years. With the main additions of Jefferson, McDyess and Blair “The Beast”, the Spurs are sporting their toughest team to date. This is a group of new additions, to go with a healthy and rested big 3 of Duncan, Parker and Ginobli looks to be a team that even the defending Lakers could have difficulty overcoming in a 7 game series.
The Lakers were not dormant in the off season either. As if the “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant needed anymore help on the court, the Lakers added Ron Artest a player straight out of the mold of the Detroit Pi…

South Side Traffic

I was driving home yesterday afternoon and I saw this mess. South Side Traffic sucks. It gets backed up pretty bad on the Zapata "AyWuey" (Hwy. 83). Everywhere in town now, traffic is growing. I miss the Laredo of 1990. Sigh.

Miles Austin: The Simple Man

DeLaredo Sports Columnist: Eduardo "Sam Adams" Light

Miles Austin: The Simple Man
The savior is here cheered the adoring crowds, the savior is here! Terrell Owens is a Dallas Cowboy! The missing piece of the Super Bowl puzzle is complete cried the crowds! As the press conference unveiled, next to Jerry Jones sat a man that would make Adonis himself envious, a freaky specimen of a man that would surely take the Boys back to the Promised Land. The season came and as Adonis stood on the sidelines, he sure did look good in his uniform and he sounded smooth and debonair when talking to the quote hungry media. A fan pleaser he surely was, well at least off the field that is. Once the games started, the controversy that followed him around the league was not far behind. Just throw me the ball Adonis would whine, but when they threw him the ball, he would drop it! So many times he dropped the ball that he actually led the entire league in dropped passes. Despite paying millions …

Laredo Jack-o-lantern

It seems as if Laredo is ready for the Halloween season. This one house that you see above has kept it simple but effective. The pumpkins are out and all sort of delicious treats are being prepared to be served this weekend as one of the best days of the year approaches. No fancy-smanchy ghosts and goblins are necessary to truly have fun this Halloween. Just remember kiddos, to check your candy and don't bite into an apple that has those pesky razors twinkling up your mouth. There will be plenty of trick-or-treating. I especially love the Nvo. Laredo crowd that crosses yearly to ask for candy. Gotta love this town.

The Asylum Haunted House

As most of you have seen, there is a haunted house over at the old Circuit City at Mall delNorte. The place has been getting rave reviews from everyone I've spoken with. I'll be there this weekend for sure. Here is a short video from CineDeLaredo that showcases the place. BTW, no I'm not on CineDeLaredo's payroll (jaja). For some reason, I've just been highlighting a lot of their work.

A-Rod: The Stud and the Dud

DeLaredois pleased to announce the arrival of our very own sports columnist,Eddie Light. You can look forward to reading his weekly sports columns where he will share his take on the sports world as seen through his espn-ish eyes. His very first entry can be read below.

A-Rod: The Stud and the Dud
It is easy for the casual observer to see what outstanding accomplishments A-Rod has attained on the baseball field. The youngest player in baseball history to reach the 500 homeruns, 12 time All-Star, 3 time MVP, 2 time Gold Glove winner and is widely considered the best all around player in the Majors. Despite all of these accomplishments A Rod has had his struggles. Mainly mental struggles that have caused him to seek professional therapy, added to his marriage problems that ended up causing him to divorce his wife and mother of his 2 children.
Although most notably for the sports fan is his psychological struggles that have been the most prevalent, especially in the MLB po…

Random Laredenses pt. 4

Pretty faces around Laredo. Look at the guy in the background, "Hey, you talking to me?" In any case, looks like everyone in town is having more fun than I am.

Laredo Bridge 1950s

The 1950's, I'm sure, were a simpler time. Laredo was just a cozy city on the Tex-Mex border. People wouldn't lock their doors at night and vehicles wouldn't get stolen from the parking lot at Chilis. The above picture tells me so. No traffic at the bridge. You can come and go with ease. Try doing that today. Two hour bridge-line waits are common. Oh, to be in the 50's.

Feel the Magic

This is the same exact face and feeling my siblings and I would have each time we were dragged to visit our "abuelita". A feeling of absolute dread and boredom would engulf us. Sunday morning and abuelita visits were synonymous with each other. Now that I'm older, I have a different view on life. At least now I don't kick and scream each time I go visit my grandmother. Yeay for me.

Raspa Time (part 3)

It's October and summer is still here. Autumn doesn't really rear its head in Laredo until December. And when it does, it lasts for about two whole months. I'm not complaining either; I would hate to drive in snow. Raspas are still good this time of year. Other than donuts, what else is there to bring a smile to my face? Its still hot out there, so keep enjoying raspas.

Mako Rayo music video

I'm not a big fan of reagetton music at all, but someone sent me this Mako Rayo (from Nuevo Laredo) music video and it was filmed by local videographers over at CineDeLaredo.Com and I totally dig the editing...not so much the "music". I'm not trying to hate; its all good. When I was a kid I used to believe that "Dont be Cruel" by Bobby Brown was the best song eeeever, so as you can see I'm no music scholar.

Still, the video is nicely done, so big props to the people over at cinedelaredo..catchy name too.

Amor del Bueno

Que padre la foto, eh. Este si es amor del bueno.

I ran across the website and they do a pretty neat job. Stop by and check out their pics and videos. Awesome editing. I'm soooo jealous. That's what I get for having no talent.

LaredoBuzz Coupon

I ran across some coupons/ads that look like they were compiled by a local website by the name of LaredoBuzz. Most of the coupons aren't really all that special. For example, on one you have to buy three tacos to get half off for the drink. Whoopee. But one of the coupons is actually pretty good and it caught my attention.

The coupon is from Perla's Snack Drive thru, a local south side place. It reads:

Totally Free Mexican Hotdog. No purchase necessary.

Sweet! Needless to say, I live around the area and we have already hit the place up for 5 free hot dogs. Jaja. Yes I'm a freeloader and I love me my coupons. During these times of economic distress, anything helps. Thanks Perla!!!

Play-More (and other Urban Legends)

I have a friend who swears on his 1988 Fleer baseball card set, that way back, sometime in the mid 80s, there existed something called the Play-more. According to his vivid imagination, the Playmore was a cross between Putt-Putt golf and Disney's Epcott Center. Every time he starts to rant about how good things were in the 80s in Laredo (minus the unpaved streets), his eyes light up and a goofy smile fills his face (a goofier smile than usual).

Go carts, arcades, a skating rink, a movie theater, according to my buddy, this place was Laredo's version of Astroworld. However, apparently, you have to be over 33 to remember this lost haven of yesteryear. I only arrived in 1992 to Laredo, years after this place apparently vanished. So if anyone out there remembers this place, drop by and leave some comments. Pictures of this lost city would be great appreciated. I think its just a crazy sugar induced illusion that my buddy concocted in between his imaginary friends.

Someone out ther…

Viernes Social en el Desperado Bar

Por fin llego el Viernes despues de una larga semana y todo mundo a la parranda. And where else in Laredo is better to dance and drink some chelas frias, then over at the all new Desperado Bar.

Forget those other trendy places with their questionable drinks and totally insane happy hour specials. The Desperado Bar is a true Laredo cantina. Here the cold beer flows daily and happy senoritas drink to their liver's content as they forget all their problems. After all, not being able to pay your mortgage and having your house repo'ed, can be a real drag. Better to pop open a twelve pack of Schlitz and drown your worries until your senses give out. Over at the Desperado Bar, they can gladly help you do that.

While I've never frequented this fine establishment located on the outskirts of town on HWY 359, I'm certain that the regulars are friendly people and the bartenders are giddy with delight in spreading their knowledge and good-will.

On a side note, I had a friend that onc…

El Metro

I haven't gotten on the Metro in a while, but it would be fun to just get on randomly and ride it all afternoon. It would be cool to just hop on the Cedar bus and see where it takes me (duh) and see the route it takes. Anyone want to ride the bus, with me just let me know. We can blog while in transit. As you can see I'm a wild and crazy guy! Someone call the cops to shut me down now.

Phonebooths in Laredo

You might be asking yourself, "Phone booths? What a lame-o topic". And, hell, you might be right. Its not a very a interesting blog post. Where it not for the fact that last Thursday I needed to locate a pay phone, and I couldn't for the life of me, find one that actually worked. Here is how things went.

You see, I wont lie to you. I'm a very careless person. I lose things quite easily. Its a gift from above. I also have a terrible memory; I lose track of names, numbers and sometimes of the subject of what I'm talking about. Like right now, ...what was the subject of this useless rant???..oh yeah, phone booths. Well, I lost my cell phone after carelessly leaving it at a friend's house, but I need to urgently make a phone call.

Well, I had a quarter in my pocket, and being that I live my life like its 1995, I thought I could just find a public phone really quick and make a phone call. Little that I know that a couple of things have changed since 95'. Muc…

Kiko comes to Laredo

It seems I missed el Chavo del Ocho, but Kiko was in the house downtown. He cracks me up.

Dirty windshield while driving down Arkansas

Driving around Laredo is my official hobby. With gas so cheap and the days so cool and breezy, can you blame me? I got tired of the west side so now im cruising the dangerous streets of east Laredo. Look for me to be snapping pics of random things around your neighborhood.