Laredo Bridge 1950s

The 1950's, I'm sure, were a simpler time. Laredo was just a cozy city on the Tex-Mex border. People wouldn't lock their doors at night and vehicles wouldn't get stolen from the parking lot at Chilis. The above picture tells me so. No traffic at the bridge. You can come and go with ease. Try doing that today. Two hour bridge-line waits are common. Oh, to be in the 50's.


BT Blues said…
I know its a 1950 pic, but it looks eerily similar to the 1970s when I would be dragged across for a variety of errands.

It was then, as a small kid, that I would fear falling into the river.

Because like most kids, my parents lied to me. They told me there were whirlpools underneath the water's surface that would suck unsuspecting young boys (me, of course) under, never to be heard from again.

Now the bridge and its railings and sunroofs looks like a hideous junkyard contraption. But it is still there.
Nortejano said…
Are chiclets still sold on the bridge or is that a thing of the past too?
rick78 said…
Nostalgia at it's finest the 50's era!Yes Bt blues your parents were correct about the whirlpools many people drown from these . Now it is the cartels that do the drowning .
NotMyFlop said…
This looks like one of the many vintage Laredo post-cards one can find on eBay and like sites.
Simon said…
Chiclets are still least last year, cuando fui, they still were being peddled.

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