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Northside Swimming

It's gonna be October and the mercury still breaks 100. Ah, Laredo, sweet Laredo, why do you do this to me?

Anyhow, it was so hot I decided to venture out of my usual Laredo barrio comfort zones and head north to use other peoples' swimming pools. The place I headed to was in North Laredo, Wwwaaaayyyy north, past Del Mar, to visit a few compadres in those new fancy condominium complexes off of McPherson Road. I won't reveal specifically which condos they are so as to protect the innocent. But, let me tell you, I like crashing other people's pools.

This is not uncommon for a barrio dweller like me. In fact, I've been doing it all my life. Except that a few years ago, there were not too many apartment complexes in Laredo that had swimming pools. Nowadays, there are plenty of choices.

And, sure enough, I found my sweet spot.

It is particularly appealing to hit the North Side pools during the middle of the day, when people are out and about doing real things like …

Support Local Businesses

I want to make sure that all faithful readers of this blog support local businesses. It is important to realize that the mom-and-pop establishments that are found in the Gateway City are critical to our economic autonomy and the inherent character first promoted by the founding fathers.

De Laredo practices what we preach, too, by the way. So we went to a local bar to make sure we supported local businesses. I forgot how long we were there and why we were there to begin with. But, it is important to note that we spent a whole lot of money. Well, at least I had none when I got back home. Still, support local businesses.

Drink Laredo

When you get a change, drop by a great new social site, DrinkLaredo and take a look at some of their interesting features. The good people over there have been working hard to bring you interesting articles, great out-and-about pictures, cool local tidbits and something that they call "bartender of the month". This month, they are featuring bartender Luis Juarez. So drop by and tell them delaredo sent you.

Octsober Film Fest (part 1)

Some people enjoy Thanksgiving because of football and family. Others enjoy Christmas because of gifts and God. Personally, I dig October the most because of Halloween.
     Yes, the time of the year when we can scare each other silly with treats and costumes. The time of the year when autumn arrives and brings in that cold, brisk air that forces us to reach for our sweaters and jackets. Summer goes away, the World Series is played and the streets are filled with Jack-o-lanterns. What's more, Halloween brings us horror movies.
  These films that are meant to scare, shock, and makes us squirm with frightening delight. What could be better? I bring to you something I call Octsober. What exactly is Octsober you ask? Well, its that time of the year where I bring to you the best horror movies to enjoy during this mad month of monsters. This year, I wanted to get a head start and since there are many movies I wanted to feature, I decided to begin Octsober Film month earlier than an…

La Carreta Bakery

Last Sunday, I was out and about, roaming the streets of Laredo when I stumbled upon "La Carreta" Bakery, over by Sanbernardo. Not being one to pass up good pan dulce, I entered the doors to this palace of pan and was immediately delighted by the smell of pleasant pastries.

nWhile I am on a low-carb diet, I was too weak to resist the pan dulce temptation and I succumbed to the my past sins of conchas and cuernitos.

Bordertown: Laredo

I can't wait for the series premiere of this "controversial" new show coming out next month. I plan to make an event out of it and watch the premier with friends and relatives (come over, bring some Schlitz). Some people are already crying foul over the way that Laredo is once again portrayed as a dusty drug-filled town. We shall see what the show brings. Hopefully none of my primos make cameo appearances.

Digging thru my hard drive

Digging thru my hard drive: 
My top 6 songs of the moment
6) Strange Advance:"We Run"
Having first heard this song only about 5 months ago, it has slowly seeped into my top 6 right now list. The lyrics arent anything to write home about, but the 'space opera' synthesizer sound is what I currently dig. This Canadian band, much like Canadian bacon, has found a permanent place in my heart.

 "Frozen smiles for men returned
They never even left this place
She kissed me softly on the cheek
And a shadow cut across her face"
At times the lyrics are like, "what the fudge brownies". But just keep in mind its a throwaway 80's pop song. Enjoy it, then move along.

5) Talk Talk:"Dum Dum Girl"

80s Synthpop could do no better than Talk Talk. They could kick sissy Duran Duran's ass any day of the week. "Dum Dum Girl" is just the song to get you started. I currently have it on my phone as the ringtone for whenever ****** calls me.  I coul…

The Gambit

Ah, the Gambit Bingo place off of Calton Road. Many years ago, I heard the place was some sort of roller skating rink where Laredo couples would congregate, holding hands while skating to the latest romantic songs as per Casey Kasem.

Nowadays, you play Bingo (B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his Name-o!) inside a light blue, weather-beaten warehouse. Oh, I've been there and I have lived to tell the tale of woe.

Yes, its crowded. Yes, it stinks, and somehow I think the old skates and shoes are still lurking the air ducts. And, it can feel a little hot.

But I was invited to tag along and since I had nothing better to do, I agreed. I had never really understood the culture of bingo, but I was immediately out of place as soon as I walked through the doors. I was a visitor, an intrusion into the lives and routines of dozens of people who saw their presence at the Gambit as more than just a way to pass time.

It was--I dare suggest--like a religious experience for most. I know I walked in thi…
If there was ever a country like The Tortilla States of America, Laredo, due to its fervent love for the Mexican food source, would have to be it's capitol. I, like many of my fellow Laredoans, love tortillas.

I have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have rarely met a tortilla I didn't like. The best, of course, are the homemade variety. I think everyone in the Gateway City has a relative--if not mom, a tia, for sure--who makes homemade tortillas. It's clearly a skill, a talent, that some of us cannot all have.

For us guys, the best freshly made tortillas outside of the homemade variety are the new frozen ones that are sold at H.E.B.

Oh, you know the type, the ones that they sell raw and you just plop them on the comal and voila, you have freshly made tortillas. Well, there are a couple of different brands who make these tortillas.

My favorite? Oh, check the pic above, Sandy's! When I saw this truck driving on Del Mar, I almost pulled it over!

Mmmmm, t…