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Digging thru my hard drive

Digging thru my hard drive: 
My top 6 songs of the moment

6) Strange Advance: "We Run"
Having first heard this song only about 5 months ago, it has slowly seeped into my top 6 right now list. The lyrics arent anything to write home about, but the 'space opera' synthesizer sound is what I currently dig. This Canadian band, much like Canadian bacon, has found a permanent place in my heart.

 "Frozen smiles for men returned
They never even left this place
She kissed me softly on the cheek
And a shadow cut across her face"

At times the lyrics are like, "what the fudge brownies". But just keep in mind its a throwaway 80's pop song. Enjoy it, then move along.

5) Talk Talk: "Dum Dum Girl"

80s Synthpop could do no better than Talk Talk. They could kick sissy Duran Duran's ass any day of the week. "Dum Dum Girl" is just the song to get you started. I currently have it on my phone as the ringtone for whenever ****** calls me.  I could go into a long-winded story about that, but it get me off track and you would hate me forever. I can't have that on my conscience.
 Anywho, most people only know Talk Talk because of No Doubt's sucky little cover version of "It's my Life". But it be such a terrible shame to relegate this awesome band to only that one great song.

"Another hand up on her hair
time probably erased.
Distate and so he's left where guilt is out of place.
I'm no boy stealing pennies from the poor"

I love that last line even though I cant seem to fit it together with the rest of the song. "I'm no boy stealing pennies from the poor". I might not steal pennies, but I do steal ideas. Just ask *******.

Rocking the Smiths in my Zenith ghettoblaster, so wrong

4) Los Piojos: "Tan Solo"

Of all the great Argentinian bands, it would be Los Piojos that I would pay good money to see live. They have several songs I dig, but its "Tan Solo" with its twangy harmonica bits that gets me the most right now. It's a great song for that time of the week when you are feeling vulnerable, which for me is the second Tuesday of the month. That's when Los Piojos is blasted over my Alpine car stereo.

3) Cornelio Reyna: "Soy un Nadie"

Every now and then, I can drink a couple of cold ones. Sometimes, especially after a difficult week, its required. And when I do, I like to slap this song on the turntable and drink a frosty one to my dad. I've always had a special place for Cornelio Reyna, even though his songs are terribly sad and nostalgic. They make me want to cry and jump off Meadow Bridge. Then again, maybe that's exactly why I dig them so much. This song in particular, "Soy un Nadie" has Cornelio's signature drunk guy in a bar voice to it. Something about it just makes me play it endlessly, much to the chagrin of the people around me.

2) Johnny O: "Fantasy Girl"

Summer is about end and it will hopefully take with it my love for this particular freestyle 80s song. Damn song has been in my head for months, right after I re-discovered it tucked away in a dark corner of my hard drive. I blame my older sister for me liking this awful song. So cheesy, so corny, so synthy  in a Casio keyboard overdose kind of way. It really is embarrassing having this song on my favorite list of the moment. I should turn it off and run away from it...right after I stop dancing to it (go me, go me, go me).

1) The Smiths: "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"

My good friend, Furniture in Life, re-introduced me to this song that just encapsulates my entire life in a 4 minute pop song. I swear that the Smiths wrote this song just for me. It's a perfect,perfect song in such a whiny-I hate my life and I hate the world tone. I'm not a cutter, but this song has me reaching for my Bic in all the wrong ways. Damn its such a good tune.

"In my life
Oh, why do I give valuable time
To people who don't care if I live or die?

What she asked of me at the end of the day
Caligula would have blushed"

My new ghettoblaster that I will purchase soon

Oh Morrisey, you have me swooning, singing my life story. I like it when pop stars sing about me. Makes me realize they know I'm miserable now.


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