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Octsober Film Fest (part 1)

     Some people enjoy Thanksgiving because of football and family. Others enjoy Christmas because of gifts and God. Personally, I dig October the most because of Halloween.
     Yes, the time of the year when we can scare each other silly with treats and costumes. The time of the year when autumn arrives and brings in that cold, brisk air that forces us to reach for our sweaters and jackets. Summer goes away, the World Series is played and the streets are filled with Jack-o-lanterns. What's more, Halloween brings us horror movies.
  These films that are meant to scare, shock, and makes us squirm with frightening delight. What could be better? I bring to you something I call Octsober. What exactly is Octsober you ask? Well, its that time of the year where I bring to you the best horror movies to enjoy during this mad month of monsters. This year, I wanted to get a head start and since there are many movies I wanted to feature, I decided to begin Octsober Film month earlier than anticipated.
     I call it Octsober because the films I will feature are best enjoyed while drinking a six pack of your favorite lager. Whether it be Schlitz or Pabst, the beer hops are essential in making you jump out of your seat with fright. No sense in watching these films while sober; that would take half the fun away from the way God meant for these movies to be watched. Octsober films are all about watching "awful horror films while buzzed". I will make recommendations on movies to watch during October as well as the beer that matches well with that film. It's kinda like a book and wine club, minus the books and the wine. Get it?
     It was the infamous Final Girl that gave me the idea for Octsober Film Month. If everything goes as planned, we hope to feature 3 to 5 films a week from now until Halloween. Every film shall be from the horror/suspense genre and must have been produced and released from 1966 to 1996. Every film is guaranteed to be best enjoyed while not sober, hence the Octsober moniker. Get it? If you don't get it, don't feel so bad for I hardly understand it myself, and I invented Octsober Film Month! 
     The first film we shall feature in the first ever Octsober film month is the 1979 film, "When a Stranger Calls". Watch the trailer for now and be on the lookout for the review and comments from this movie by the end of the weekend. I would do it now, but I just realized I don't have a six-pack of lager so, it will have to wait. Tan-tan-tan! Watch the trailer and come back Sunday night for more.



This movie is the reason why I will never live in a two-story apartment or house.

The thought of someone (who shouldn't be there) on the second floor is beeeeeyond freaky.

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