Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raspa Time (part 3)

It's October and summer is still here. Autumn doesn't really rear its head in Laredo until December. And when it does, it lasts for about two whole months. I'm not complaining either; I would hate to drive in snow. Raspas are still good this time of year. Other than donuts, what else is there to bring a smile to my face? Its still hot out there, so keep enjoying raspas.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mako Rayo music video

I'm not a big fan of reagetton music at all, but someone sent me this Mako Rayo (from Nuevo Laredo) music video and it was filmed by local videographers over at CineDeLaredo.Com and I totally dig the editing...not so much the "music". I'm not trying to hate; its all good. When I was a kid I used to believe that "Dont be Cruel" by Bobby Brown was the best song eeeever, so as you can see I'm no music scholar.

Still, the video is nicely done, so big props to the people over at cinedelaredo..catchy name too.

Amor del Bueno

Que padre la foto, eh. Este si es amor del bueno.

I ran across the website and they do a pretty neat job. Stop by and check out their pics and videos. Awesome editing. I'm soooo jealous. That's what I get for having no talent.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LaredoBuzz Coupon

I ran across some coupons/ads that look like they were compiled by a local website by the name of LaredoBuzz. Most of the coupons aren't really all that special. For example, on one you have to buy three tacos to get half off for the drink. Whoopee. But one of the coupons is actually pretty good and it caught my attention.

The coupon is from Perla's Snack Drive thru, a local south side place. It reads:

Totally Free Mexican Hotdog. No purchase necessary.

Sweet! Needless to say, I live around the area and we have already hit the place up for 5 free hot dogs. Jaja. Yes I'm a freeloader and I love me my coupons. During these times of economic distress, anything helps. Thanks Perla!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Play-More (and other Urban Legends)

I have a friend who swears on his 1988 Fleer baseball card set, that way back, sometime in the mid 80s, there existed something called the Play-more. According to his vivid imagination, the Playmore was a cross between Putt-Putt golf and Disney's Epcott Center. Every time he starts to rant about how good things were in the 80s in Laredo (minus the unpaved streets), his eyes light up and a goofy smile fills his face (a goofier smile than usual).

Go carts, arcades, a skating rink, a movie theater, according to my buddy, this place was Laredo's version of Astroworld. However, apparently, you have to be over 33 to remember this lost haven of yesteryear. I only arrived in 1992 to Laredo, years after this place apparently vanished. So if anyone out there remembers this place, drop by and leave some comments. Pictures of this lost city would be great appreciated. I think its just a crazy sugar induced illusion that my buddy concocted in between his imaginary friends.

Someone out there prove me wrong. Did the Playmore really exist? Was it really one of the wonders of the world? Why did it disappear? Where was it located? Whatever happen to Jimmy Hoffa? So many questions, so little answers. Drop me a line if you got some info!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Viernes Social en el Desperado Bar

Por fin llego el Viernes despues de una larga semana y todo mundo a la parranda. And where else in Laredo is better to dance and drink some chelas frias, then over at the all new Desperado Bar.

Forget those other trendy places with their questionable drinks and totally insane happy hour specials. The Desperado Bar is a true Laredo cantina. Here the cold beer flows daily and happy senoritas drink to their liver's content as they forget all their problems. After all, not being able to pay your mortgage and having your house repo'ed, can be a real drag. Better to pop open a twelve pack of Schlitz and drown your worries until your senses give out. Over at the Desperado Bar, they can gladly help you do that.

While I've never frequented this fine establishment located on the outskirts of town on HWY 359, I'm certain that the regulars are friendly people and the bartenders are giddy with delight in spreading their knowledge and good-will.

On a side note, I had a friend that once went for a beer at The Desperado. I never heard from him again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

El Metro

I haven't gotten on the Metro in a while, but it would be fun to just get on randomly and ride it all afternoon. It would be cool to just hop on the Cedar bus and see where it takes me (duh) and see the route it takes. Anyone want to ride the bus, with me just let me know. We can blog while in transit. As you can see I'm a wild and crazy guy! Someone call the cops to shut me down now.

Phonebooths in Laredo

You might be asking yourself, "Phone booths? What a lame-o topic". And, hell, you might be right. Its not a very a interesting blog post. Where it not for the fact that last Thursday I needed to locate a pay phone, and I couldn't for the life of me, find one that actually worked. Here is how things went.

You see, I wont lie to you. I'm a very careless person. I lose things quite easily. Its a gift from above. I also have a terrible memory; I lose track of names, numbers and sometimes of the subject of what I'm talking about. Like right now, ...what was the subject of this useless rant???..oh yeah, phone booths. Well, I lost my cell phone after carelessly leaving it at a friend's house, but I need to urgently make a phone call.

Well, I had a quarter in my pocket, and being that I live my life like its 1995, I thought I could just find a public phone really quick and make a phone call. Little that I know that a couple of things have changed since 95'. Much to my chagrin, phone calls now cost $.50 and it's getting harder and harder to spot a good, working public phone, preferably in an area where one is not likely to get mugged.

After driving around for for a good 20 minutes, I finally found a good phone and made my phone call. Later that day, I also got back my own cell phone. I think I am single-handily keeping T-Mobile in business for I have lost about 7 cell phones in a short span of 2 years. But, lesson learned. Don't lose my cell phone and always carry two quarters in my glove compartment. Just good luck in finding a good working phone booth for ET to phone home.

Kiko comes to Laredo

It seems I missed el Chavo del Ocho, but Kiko was in the house downtown. He cracks me up.

Forbidden Dances, Blackface, and Tantangelo: The 1990 WBCA Parade (part 1)

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