Friday, September 11, 2009

Viernes Social en el Desperado Bar

Por fin llego el Viernes despues de una larga semana y todo mundo a la parranda. And where else in Laredo is better to dance and drink some chelas frias, then over at the all new Desperado Bar.

Forget those other trendy places with their questionable drinks and totally insane happy hour specials. The Desperado Bar is a true Laredo cantina. Here the cold beer flows daily and happy senoritas drink to their liver's content as they forget all their problems. After all, not being able to pay your mortgage and having your house repo'ed, can be a real drag. Better to pop open a twelve pack of Schlitz and drown your worries until your senses give out. Over at the Desperado Bar, they can gladly help you do that.

While I've never frequented this fine establishment located on the outskirts of town on HWY 359, I'm certain that the regulars are friendly people and the bartenders are giddy with delight in spreading their knowledge and good-will.

On a side note, I had a friend that once went for a beer at The Desperado. I never heard from him again.


BT Blues said...

Always a good thing to have a Dive Bar update.

rick78 said...

Chelas frias and chelas calientes great mix !

Anonymous said...

Do they serve Chango Beer, a la Roberto Rodriguez flicks?

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