Wednesday, November 30, 2011

De Colores

I have always been fascinated by how some Laredoans pick the brightest colors for their homes or businesses. I mean, like the picture above, it is a very, very bright green and orange. There's a little bright yellow, too.

They even painted the little retaining wall by the sidewalk that same tone of orange.

I kinda like it. It brings something different to the normally bland stucco and beige seen around town.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Golf Carts at TAMIU

Our local university is not exactly the biggest college around when you compare it to those schools in el norte, like A&M and UT. But it has grown a lot in the last 10 years. So much, in fact, that they now have an army of golf carts ready and able to ferry folks around the now sprawling campus.

Personally, I like the one with the four bench seats. It's kinda like the stretch limo of golf carts.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mexican Blood LP

Looking for some 70s pics of Laredo, I was fortunate to discover this awesome LP from a band called "Mexican Blood". According to the source, Mexican Blood was a 1970s band that recorded for the Crazy Cajun record label. Having heard the entire album, I can tell you that I rather enjoyed it. You can download the entire album and its artwork here.

Orale, where's the Schlitz, man?

If you have any other information on this album, write to me! Also, if you can't download the album, write to me and I can email it to you. (

Eddie Macon runs to Netflix

One of the favorite movies from local bloggers has appeared on instant viewing for Netflix. Eddie Macon's Run, from 1983, is every local filmmakers wet dream, including yours truly. It has big Hollywood stars and more importantly, several scenes from the movie where filmed here in Laredo! Pretty neat. I imagine the local hoopla back in 1983 over this movie was akin to the hoopla over the much hyped Bordertown TV show. I was not around here in 1983, so maybe KeyRose or some of the other elder statesmen can enlighten us on that topic.

The official US DVD release is hard-to-find and it seems to be OOP, nonetheless, the Netflix version has a top-notch picture.

For those of you without Netflix access, it can also be rented on Amazon for three dollars.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TV Repair

Over by Springfield, you can still repair your old TV's. I had an elderly lady ask me if they could repair her 1998 Sony TV anywhere. I pointed her to Solano's, of course. But I warned her they would charge her $50-$75 probably. Even though they have 5 TV's in a 3 bedroom house and the cost of a new TV will be about $200, she might still go through with it. Hojala que no.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Buy Nothing Day

 I love the the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both awesomely special days of the year. However, I have never bought into the buy all the junk you can't afford mentality. Thanksgiving is a great time for family and friends, at least for me. Best Buy is not my friend and I don't need to worship at their cathedral this holiday season. Yeay for me!


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