Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mexican Blood LP

Looking for some 70s pics of Laredo, I was fortunate to discover this awesome LP from a band called "Mexican Blood". According to the source, Mexican Blood was a 1970s band that recorded for the Crazy Cajun record label. Having heard the entire album, I can tell you that I rather enjoyed it. You can download the entire album and its artwork here.

Orale, where's the Schlitz, man?

If you have any other information on this album, write to me! Also, if you can't download the album, write to me and I can email it to you. (


Que Fregados said...

I like :)

KeyRose said...

The drummer, Carlos "Chale" Castillo, has a drum shop in the west side. He's been drumming for a years. His son Curly also plays locally.

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