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Welfare Love

Found this at the HEB some time back. It just seems wrong.

Tax payers money going to buy overpriced chocolates. Really? Heck, then why can't I get my beer on Lone Star Card? Its just wrong. Everything is just so wrong.

Our country has come to this? (someone cue the Fox News music)

Manifiestos Molestosos

Someone explain to me again why the Monterrey shoppers don't have to pay sales tax! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard it before. Still, I say, let's tax em! Then maybe we can have our stores back. *

LCC Fun Fest

Here are several pics from the Fun Fest. Sorry for the poor quality. I was trying not to get noticed.

JalaPeno Festival

Here is a little secret that I will share with you faithful reader, but only you. I am a "Jalapeno Festival" virgin. I've never been to one. I hang my head in shame and disgust. Pity me please.

Maybe this is my year. Maybe this year I will go and be counted as a true Laredoan.


Moving my Kool-Aid

You Don't have to drink my Kool-Aid, but don't move it from place either. I hate it when HEB moves the groceries around. Me pierdo.

Suicide at the Carnival

Suicide Nite by Maria C
The carnival's in town. The first night it's open is usually known as 'suicide night'. I remember I used to beg my parents to let me go. I so wanted to be there to test drive the rides. There was something so mystical about signing a waiver releasing the carnival from any responsibility for the loss of my life. The darned bracelet was only $15 for all the rides I could handle. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I was never allowed to go. I guess I should be thanking my parents but I wish I had been there at least once on the opening night. I could've said I 'survived' the carnival. Peronada.

I would get on some pretty big rides as a youngster. My tia would make us a ginger root tea to drink before we'd head out to tackle the rides. The tea was really nasty but it would supposedly help settle our stomaches. I guess it did because after some six rides, we were still going strong. We were some troopers. But I can't say t…

Get off the phone and order your sandwich!

At the Subway, they're not messing around. When its your turn to 'build' your sandwich, they want you OFF the phone, now, pronto, ahorita mismo! After all, building the perfect sub takes art and skill. Distractions can't be had.

These are important times we live in.

Time for Me

I have been getting loads of questions regarding my upcoming B-day sometime in the next month and in order to appease the masses, I will post on here ideas for what I want to receive on that festive day. These are just ideas. You are welcome to think outside my blog and buy me whatever you think is best.: TX Rangers season tickets, Star Wars Hans Solo autographed poster, New HD Canon Camara and BoomMic, etc. Again, just ideas. Or, you can get me one of these below.


My Experience with Emilio (by Cindy)

My Experience with Emilio by Cindy (guest contributor)

The year was 1994.  I can clearly remember waiting anxiously to go with my parents to the Casa Blanca baile.  The main attraction…Stephanie Lynn, Xelencia, and none other than Emilio Navaira.  I was in love with these Tejano bands.  I knew all of the lyrics to all of their songs.  I didn’t care if I was going with my parents for I was a teeny bopper, of sorts. Instead of crushing over Jordan Knight (which is a whole other article) I was in love with Emilio!  All I could think of was….”Como Le Hare” to get a picture with him and his chubby counterpart, Raulito!
I remember always nagging my parents to go see these bands, especially Selena and La Mafia.  I would plead…”but mom…what if something tragic happens and they die?!  We have to go see them today!”  And of course my mom would try to explain to me logically that nothing was going to happen and that we would go see them, “Next time, mijita.”  Well, sadly, these tragic things do ha…

Cold Night

It was too cold last night, and the icy roads caused havoc all throughout Laredo.

Crossing an overpass was also a fun adventure.
You know it's cold outside when even the Target parking lot is empty at 8pm. People were to cold to shop. A bit of ice shuts Laredo down and brings us to our knees.

Then this morning, I was about to mop around the house, but when I went outside I discovered that my bucket was frozen solid. Needless to say, I was unable to mop and clean so I went back to bed, slid under the covers and played old re-runs of Chiquilladas on TV.

Closede for lack off Bussines

In these tough economic times, many downtown stores are opting to close down due to sluggish sales. After shuttering their doors, some stores place a sign out front to let the customer know that they have gone out of business. Here is one such example below, that I found downtown. 

Of course, since this is Laredo, we go bilingual on everything, and pos, here is the gringo English version for you pochos que no hacen espeak Espanish.

Good thing Mami Chulas is still in bussines and not closede.

Panaderia Showdown

It is finally here. Hold on to your bucket seats because I will soon bring you the showdown for the ages: Pano's Bakery vs. Polo's Bakery.

You 'member the Pepsi challenge, well this will bePano/Polo Challenge. Which bakery will come out on top as having the better pan dulce? Which bakery will have the bragging rights as being a DeLaredo highly recommended panaderia? It's a prestigious honor for sure. 

Very soon we will answer the eternal question: Polo's pan ducle or Pano's pan dulce? Stay tuned...and bring your coffee.

Yankee Truck

I found myself late at night at the HEB  and as I was getting off my truck, a Red pick-up with a flashy Yankee decal pulled up next to me.  For a brief second, evil thoughts crossed my mind (a much needed ding here and there) and I could see myself doing things that I might later regret. Needless to say, I left the truck alone but I did curse Jeter and his GQ self. Good thing it wasn't the regular season or else, quien sabe...