Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold Night

It was too cold last night, and the icy roads caused havoc all throughout Laredo.

Icy roads can't stop me

Crossing an overpass was also a fun adventure.
 This guy thinks its an IceRoad Truckers episode

 Local chain restaurant empty

I was out having dinner and it was practically empty. I guess everyone stayed home and ate tamales instead.

Target parking lot
You know it's cold outside when even the Target parking lot is empty at 8pm. People were to cold to shop. A bit of ice shuts Laredo down and brings us to our knees.

Frozen Mop

Then this morning, I was about to mop around the house, but when I went outside I discovered that my bucket was frozen solid. Needless to say, I was unable to mop and clean so I went back to bed, slid under the covers and played old re-runs of Chiquilladas on TV.


john joseph jacob said...

That looks like Apple Bees "friend". Thanks for the invite...

BTB said...


Sweet "Ice Truckers" reference.

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