Closede for lack off Bussines

In these tough economic times, many downtown stores are opting to close down due to sluggish sales. After shuttering their doors, some stores place a sign out front to let the customer know that they have gone out of business. Here is one such example below, that I found downtown. 

Of course, since this is Laredo, we go bilingual on everything, and pos, here is the gringo English version for you pochos que no hacen espeak Espanish.

A few errors in spelling and grammar

Good thing Mami Chulas is still in bussines and not closede.


BTB said…
Don't tell me you are a Mami Chula's hater like KeyRose at La Sanbe . . .
DeLaredo said…
I'm no hater. I love me my Mami Chulas. Their beer selection might be weak, but their strenghts are in other aspects of their business. Go Mami Chulas and open another beer-run in north Laredo, plz.

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