Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mi Laredo I Used to Know

The Laredo I Used to Know
by JPC
Mi Laredo siempre me hace backstab
Con todas las lies que me dice everyday
And I finally can't stand this shit no more.
Es que ya son puras chingaderas.
This city ya no es mi hometown de antes.
What happend to aquel Laredo I used to know?
Now its all gunfights and gangsters
Peleandose por drugs, corners and dumpsters
And I finally can't that this shit no more.
Mi Laredo poco a poco me hace backstab
Promises me growth, prosperity y que de la chingada
Says now I'll have concerts, movies and events.
Pero nunca me dice nada del traffic, crime and congestion.
This city ya no es mi hometown de antes.
What happend to Beto and Kike singing the Tejano onda?
Now its all regue-tontos
Invading mis oidos con un noise rete-gacho.
And I finally can't take this shit no more.
Mi Laredo is not telling me the truth.
No es que me quiera ir; I still love it here.
I will will have to learn to put up with las chingaderas.
So when the traffic is driving up your ass,
and the loop becomes more congested than my nose,
and the crazy drug wars spill into my town,
then your going to ask yourself too.
What ever happened to mi Laredo I used to know?

Clamor en el Barrio

When I was in highschool, a girlfriend I had at the time, gave me a copy of Freddy Garcia's book, "Clamor in the Barrio". In its essence, the book is a conversion story of a delinquent gangbanger-turned preacher. I recall how at the time the book captured my attention, due mainly to the detailed drug use. However, about half-way through, I lost interest and set the book down. I forget all about the book until I came across a medium size billboard sign that stands in front of a residence in Laredo's west side, close to LCC main campus. Seeing that sign made me remember the book itself, but also that particular girl from highschool. It's crazy how one small thing can transport someone to 15 years in the past.

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