Lalo's Sportsman Club "El Pozo"

How come I'd never seen this place before?
Sometimes I find myself driving aimlessly around town and I come across a building that I had never seen before. Days ago, I was navigating down Lane St., north of the old Mercy Hospital, and I spotted this business that bills itself as Lalo's Sportsclub. According to their sign, they have been around since 1944, although I had never paid any attention to it in all the years I had been driving in the general area. I'm sure this is a fine establishment but from the looks of it it has seen better times during the days of World War II.

With a name like "El Pozo", how can I pass that up?


KeyRose said…
I think they have dollar beer night on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
Anonymous said…
Rumor has it City Manager Carlos Villarreal is a regular here. I went once about 5 years ago.

Did I hear dollar beers? Vamos!
DeLaredo said…
Dollar beers is the magic word. I wouldn't mind having a few brewskies with old Charlie! Count me in, if you are buying.
Vanessa said…
It's friday nights now! And it's not a rumor, it's true.
Imelda C. Santos said…
OMG I love this place and most of all I love the owner. My Dad!

Imelda C. Santos

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