Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Sunday is a hallowed day in Laredo.  It is a day reserved for carne asadas.  OK, some people observe the Sabbath.  Others nap.  But the real heart and soul of Laredo's existence is the cookout.  De Laredo blog kindly observes that tradition.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Weekend time again.  The biggest news in Laredo is the collective sigh that was heard last night shortly after 10:30, when the mighty San Antonio Spurs were defeated by the annoying Miami Heat.  Of course, the players and coaches followed the NBA script on cue as David Stern, the ever-prescient puppet master, rubbed his hands gleefully after the pivotal Game 6 fiasco two days earlier.  Too bad.  It would have been cool to see the Spurs win again.

But life moves on and so does Laredo.  This weekend is a perfect example as summer officially begins.

Of course the big thing for all of the city is the beauty stuff going on in the LISD building Civic Center.  Misses and Teens from what I can gather.

It's a good thing that the pageant(s) were not set for last week because folks were building arcs and getting ready for the end of the world like it was 2012 or something.  I always wonder why Laredo can't take any heavy rain without flooding?

But this is not a time for rejoicing.  James Gandolfini died a few days ago.  The famed actor was on holiday in Italy when he collapsed from an apparent heart attack.  RIP "Tony Soprano."

 Nevertheless, Mijares, the Mexican crooner who was once married to Lucero, is going to be in Laredo.

So, hopefully you can enjoy the extra daylight today.  Much more than 12 hours for this Friday.  On an endnote, here is the spirit of the Spurs atop a religious iconography in the barrios of our fair city.  Sadly, the Spurs faded as bad as the tiny flag at the top of the doghouse.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend Fun

The weekend has come once again to our sleepy little hamlet.  And, the LPD has not disappointed.  It had been quite a while without one of Laredo's own patented prostitution stings.  Sure enough, with the upcoming Fourth of July festivities on the horizon, the law enforcement types decided it was time for another roundup.

Sure enough, the names and photos are plastered for all to see on the front page of the LMT.  Thank you for making our city so much safer oh great city leaders.

Meanwhile, it was a slow newsday at the ol' newspaper.  Why you ask?  Oh because the front page featured a story on UISD Athletic Director, Bobby Cruz, being a fan of the San Antonio Spurs.  Really?  Shocking, I know.  In tomorrow's newspaper edition, a story on how the sun will rise in the east and set in the west.  Also, stay tuned for a story on how most Laredoans like Texas-based football teams.  Investigate journalism at its finest.

Speaking of the Spurs, a recent flurry of activity has surrounded young Mexican American boy, Sebastian De La Cruz, singing the national anthem for game 3.  Last night, in game 4, he sang the anthem again to much acclaim by the largely Hispanic city and its fans.  Orale.

 If basketball ain't your thing, then go catch "The Man of Steel" at the Cinemark. I hear its kinda dull.  But, at least its a summer movie.
And, in case you've been sleeping under a rock, the outlet mall is finally coming to Laredo.  Or, at least that's what they're saying. Stay tuned as more informed blogs have the latest.

Finally, enjoy the weekend and please don't litter the streets of Laredo with discarded plastic, baby dolls these next few days.  I hear they take decades to decompose.

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