Friday, February 4, 2011

My Experience with Emilio (by Cindy)

My Experience with Emilio
by Cindy (guest contributor)

The year was 1994.  I can clearly remember waiting anxiously to go with my parents to the Casa Blanca baile.  The main attraction…Stephanie Lynn, Xelencia, and none other than Emilio Navaira.  I was in love with these Tejano bands.  I knew all of the lyrics to all of their songs.  I didn’t care if I was going with my parents for I was a teeny bopper, of sorts. Instead of crushing over Jordan Knight (which is a whole other article) I was in love with Emilio!  All I could think of was….”Como Le Hare” to get a picture with him and his chubby counterpart, Raulito!

I remember always nagging my parents to go see these bands, especially Selena and La Mafia.  I would plead…”but mom…what if something tragic happens and they die?!  We have to go see them today!”  And of course my mom would try to explain to me logically that nothing was going to happen and that we would go see them, “Next time, mijita.”  Well, sadly, these tragic things do happen.  I mean look what happened to Selena.  Who would ever fathom that her psychotic number one fan would shoot her and that her overly religious father would deny a blood transfusion that could potentially save her life?  I guess there wasn’t a next time for that one, Mom.  

Then, in 2008, another tragic accident occurred.  While driving back home after performing in Houston, Emilio wrecked his tour bus and landed in the hospital with a bad head injury.  Now granted, this accident could have been avoided.  He chose to drive extremely fatigued, intoxicated, and without a commercial license to drive that big bus.  But he’s Emilio Navaira... I’m sure he felt invincible, at some point in his career.  And I’m sure many of us have rationalized it the same way. "I’m sleepy, but I will make it home ok.  I’m not drunk, just a little tipsy… I’m ok to drive."

Well that accident cost him more than a head bump.  He was sued by his band mates, he confessed to driving while intoxicated and now he admits that he forgets some of the lyrics to his songs while performing due to his accident.  The biggest effect of this accident has been the public’s response.  People are glad he survived, but at the same time they talk, “How could he?! How dare he risk his band mate’s lives?  I can’t believe he drove drunk!”

He performed here at the Casa Blanca about 3 weeks ago.  The same Emilio that would sell out the venue, barely sold any tickets this time around.  The turnout was extremely poor.  I’ve seen more cars in the parking lot for a quinceanera than there was for his concert.  I was anxious to see how he looked. Did he have scars all over his face?  He stepped onto the stage and the first thing I noticed was that he looked older, masarrugas, but he looked fine.  No visible signs of that accident.  Despite all that, I was simply grateful that God had given him a second chance at life.  And sure enough, the first words out of his mouth when he stepped on stage were, ”Gracias. Muchas gracias!”  You could tell, that he was thankful for all of the prayers and for us giving him a chance to continue to do what he loves to do…sing.  

I think, as a society, we hold celebrities to a higher standard.  They can do no wrong in our eyes.  I admit, Emilio messed up.  He shouldn’t have driven that bus in his condition.  But I will not hold a grudge forever.  His music is, and always will be a part of my childhood that I won’t forget.  Maybe it just reminds me of a better time when my biggest worry was making sure I did my Algebra homework on time.  

Needless to say, I finally got a chance to take a picture with Emilio.  Thank you for the blast to the past.

Cindy w/Emilo OMG!

 (Thanks to Cindy for her special contribution to our blog.)


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De Laredo is back! With contributors, no less.


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We try our best around here. Gotta keep the masses happy.

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Good post. Compliments to the writer.

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Your mama!!

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Your bitch mama!!

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