Panaderia Showdown

It is finally here. Hold on to your bucket seats because I will soon bring you the showdown for the ages: Pano's Bakery vs. Polo's Bakery.

You 'member the Pepsi challenge, well this will be Pano/Polo Challenge. Which bakery will come out on top as having the better pan dulce? Which bakery will have the bragging rights as being a DeLaredo highly recommended panaderia? It's a prestigious honor for sure. 

Very soon we will answer the eternal question: Polo's pan ducle or Pano's pan dulce? Stay tuned...and bring your coffee.



Que Fregados said…
If you are going to have a taste test, don't forget to invite us little people!
BT Blues said…
Mmmmmmm pan dulce. Mmmm.

Oh, wait. What were you writing?
si compras conchas, I'm in

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