Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Panaderia Showdown

It is finally here. Hold on to your bucket seats because I will soon bring you the showdown for the ages: Pano's Bakery vs. Polo's Bakery.

You 'member the Pepsi challenge, well this will be Pano/Polo Challenge. Which bakery will come out on top as having the better pan dulce? Which bakery will have the bragging rights as being a DeLaredo highly recommended panaderia? It's a prestigious honor for sure. 

Very soon we will answer the eternal question: Polo's pan ducle or Pano's pan dulce? Stay tuned...and bring your coffee.



Que Fregados said...

If you are going to have a taste test, don't forget to invite us little people!

BT Blues said...

Mmmmmmm pan dulce. Mmmm.

Oh, wait. What were you writing?

Furniture in Life said...

si compras conchas, I'm in

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