Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tostadas La Siberia USA

Down on Zapata HWY (Hwy. 83) there is Tostadas La Siberia, where you can enjoy a delicious tostada de pollo and Mexican Coca Cola. The decor is a bit outdated but the tostadas themselves never go out of style. Good stuff and DeLaredo recommended.

Hot Times

Since this Swine Flu thing has everyone on 'panic mode', I'm stock piling up food, masks and bottled water. Well, ok, in reality im just using my leftover perishables from Y2k. My ama didn't raise no fool. At least this week I don't have to fly and have that 'fever machine' go over me at the airport. These are hot times.

(posted by Joy)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will be out for a while

It might be slower than usual around here for some days. Moving out to a new place. Be back soon with more colorful Laredo material.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lazy Mex Lounge

I admit it, every now and then I do take a siesta. On Saturdays I wear an oversided straw hat and im known to knock down tequila straight out the bottle. I'm a burrito bean eating, Mass-church going, thick mustache having kinda Mexican. Pos nimodo, as my Ama used to say. That got me thinking as I was surging on Flickr, some stereotypes, pos, they are just plain-ol true.

See I ran across this picture on Flickr of an old bar (?) on Sanber Ave, called the Lazy Mex Lounge (im sure you've seen it). I'm not sure when it closed down or what it is now, but the name still upsets and irritates some. I however, am not part of that vocal minority. I snicker at it, for sure. Just wish it was still open today, so I could take a siesta and drink some mezcal (a poco no?).

Margarita Rocks

As most of you prolly already know, seems that there are some neat 80s metal bands making their way to Laredo in May. Supposedly, Warrant, Ratt, Skid Row among others will be in town and rocking out. Pretty dang cool. For sure, I will be there sporting my mullet. See you there!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is the Texas Rangers year

Ok, I dont do the whole 'hero-worship' thing. Not since 1989 and my obsession with Ranger's outfielder, Ruben Sierra. I might have also had a fling in the 90s with Michael Irvin but that quickly fizzed when I matured and grew up. Now, I don't usually follow pro sports and you will rarely see me mention them in my posts. However, I do believe this is the Rangers year. This is the year the team returns to the playoffs (and actually win a game). With great players like Ian Kinsler, Michael Young and Josh Hamilton, they are sure to have a great year. If not, you will see my offical jersey on Ebay somewhere, by early August, as I pump my fist in disgust at another terrible year. Go Rangers (and go Tecos!)

Laredo on Wikipedia

I was bored today around noon time and mildly curious as to see what information I could find about my hometown on wikipedia. Wikipedia, a user generated site, had much useful information to offer. One of the things that brought a smile to my face was that under the entertainment/nightlife section, "Boystown", was listed as a main attraction. I love the fact that most people only know of our fair city (and our sister city) because of the infamous red zone district and a certain farm animal. Laredo is much, much more than that. It's about time we began to tell the world of all our other treasures.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Domingos y carne asada

Sundays in Laredo means one thing, carne asada. The day starts off with 10 A.M. mass and followed by a breakfast of menudo over at either Danny's or Cotullas. Then at around 2 we head out to the lake or the one of many beautiful parks in our fair city and start up the grill for the fajitas. Invite some compadres and comadres, throw some BudLites in a 'yelera' and off we go. Family, friends, carne a sada, bud lites. Life doesn't get any better than Sunday afternoons.

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