Domingos y carne asada

Sundays in Laredo means one thing, carne asada. The day starts off with 10 A.M. mass and followed by a breakfast of menudo over at either Danny's or Cotullas. Then at around 2 we head out to the lake or the one of many beautiful parks in our fair city and start up the grill for the fajitas. Invite some compadres and comadres, throw some BudLites in a 'yelera' and off we go. Family, friends, carne a sada, bud lites. Life doesn't get any better than Sunday afternoons.


A said…
I'm jealous already . . .
yaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii el tio pasitos jajaja sipo asi es los domingoz sin karne asada son komo.... mmmmm

i dont know but sn reliigion jajaja

well gatta gooo

take greg nice blog

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