Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update: Eddie Macon's Run

Seems that I was outbid on ebay for the used VHS copy of Eddie Macon's Run. Dang, someone actually paid 28 dollars for that. I dont have deep pockets. However, I did come across an old HBO trailer on utube for those of you that are interested. You can go here! If you, hopefully KeyRose can upload a couple of scenes from to the internets like he promised. Changuitos.


KeyRose said...

I've seen the YouTube video of Eddie Macon's Run. Bridge #1, and the railroad bridge appear.

I ordered a VHS copy of the movie from yesterday. It set me back $6.50, shipping is extra.

Perhaps La Sanbe can host a screening of the movie at one of our local dive bars.

Gastronomico anyone?

DeLaredo said...

Awesome possumm! Great job. Hopefully ur vhs copy arrives soon. La Sanbe screening sounds great. Gastronomico is excelente (never been there). Are you running for office? Next thing I know La Sanbe will be sponsoring a baile at the Casablanca Ballroom! Lol. Keep it up.

KeyRose said...

I should get the video this coming week.

Perhaps we can have an Easter Saturday viewing.

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