Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eddie Macon's Run

"You didn't know that," my friend yells at me in a flabbergasted shock. "I'm sorry! I didn't live here in the 80s" I respond annoyed like always. It turns out that there was a certain movie by the name of Eddie Macon's Run that was, according to my friend, partly filmed here in the early 1980s. The movie starred John Schneider (from Dukes of Hazzard) and Kirk Douglas, and from what I understand there are certain scenes that were filmed downtown and at the lake. I wanted to at least check the movie out, so I looked for a VHS copy on Ebay and lo and behold, there were several copies on VHS, but they were on sale for a whopping $20.00! Ouch! I don't think that movie is out on DVD yet, but I could be mistaken. Anyone our there alive when this movie was shot in town? Share the memories! Or at least pass me a copy of the movie!


KeyRose said...

I think I saw this movie a couple of times, back in the day.

I think one scene contained a shot of one of the dive bars on La Sanbe.

I should get a copy and upload scenes to the innertubes, otherwise known as the internets.

___chico said...

___there was a great wild car chase around the laredo cemetery, another of what used to be a gas station in Encinal. several shots of la posada interior (chick says "this hotel is quite a dump")eddie say "yeahhhhhhhhh"

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