Laredo Broncos and Tecos

I'm not much a sports follower anymore. Pro sports just doesn't do it for me much these days. I especially don't follow the Dallas Cowboys anymore for reasons to insignificant to list here. Baseball, however, is still something that I at least half-way enjoy. So when my dad invited me to go watch the Tecos vs. Broncos all-stars, I jumped at the chance. We had a good time, and the game was great, in especially the Bronco's right fielder. He has a cannon of an arm. What I did not expect to see there, though, was Laredo's dignitaries: everyone from Mayor Salinas to Judge Danny Valdez and Sheriff Cuellar (even Shariaffa was in the house). It was a good game and a decent turnout. Maybe the stadium won't be such a bad idea after all.


KeyRose said…
Who goes to a baseball game in a suit and tie?

Valdez, and Cuellar need to let their hair down.

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