Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bat Man Dies (RIP)

Some of you out there might have heard last year the strange story of a trade regarding a player from the Laredo Broncos. It turns out that the Broncos traded for a pitcher, John C. Odom, and in return they gave the other team involved in the trade, ten bats. This caused a hysteria and made John C. Odom somewhat of an instant mock-celebrity. Also, it gave the Laredo Broncos some national publicity and the butt of more than one bar joke. Well, sadly, "Batman", as Odom was referred to in the press, died of an apparent overdose. You can read the story here. It seems as if the trade seemed to have affected him in negative ways. When at first he embraced his notoriety, it soon caused humiliation. I sure hope that the Broncos' front office dont have blood on their hands. In any case, Goodbye Batman. It was great having you in town.

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