Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nuevo Laredo Edecanes vs. Mami Chula Girls

So I gotta an idea. Hear me out .We take the best of Los Dos Laredos; Edecanes of Nuevo Laredo selling beer and Mami Chula girls from Laredo, TX selling beer and pit them together in a dancing frenzy and see who comes out on top.

Who is the best from Los Dos Laredos? We can have ourselves a beer run smackdown. My pesos are on the Nuevo Laredo gals. View the above video an tell us where your money is at.

(note: Video was randomly found on utube.)


rick78 said...

Same here and you will not get arrested by Joey Baeza's storm troopers if one wishes to buy love .

Anonymous said...

___they are all over the sidewalks in front of stores and saloons in nuevo Lareod, some like the "Corona" girls (comparable to our Miller Beer girls who do not dance) are sponsored by the beer companies and loan out for publicity shots . . . but they do know how to shake their booties

BT Blues said...

Nice YouTube sleuthing.

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