Monday, July 5, 2010

New Elk at Nuevo Laredo Zoo

Nuevo Laredo has a zoo? Sounds like a line for a bad joke. I haven't been 'al otro lado' in over two years. I do miss the city though. Going over there to visit family, play basketball at "La Unidad", going to bailes at "El Senorial", attending every quincenera I could, damn those were the days.

When I heard they had a zoo, it made me realize how I haven't gone there in a while. And with a good excuse, I know. Still, I do miss going. I wouldn't mind checking out their zoo. (and visiting Blanca Segovia, my GF from 1998. Maybe she's still single.)

1 comment:

___how long ??? said...

___the "zoo-ologico is nothing compared to the Houston, San Antonio, or even the San Diego Zoo's but it is way better than the laredo Zoo of the future, maybe

___saw Blanca, she is still single but has a housefull of kids . . .

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