Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Good , the Bad, and the House of the Devil

Yeah, you know, The House of the Devil, right. No, not that creepy house in the Heights. No, tampoco that house that your abuelita sweared to you was where La LLorona would snatch and slap "wuerkitos que resongan." I dont mean THAT house.

I mean the killer, awesome, rad movie, "The House of the Devil". I had previously mentioned this film in our hermana blog, but I had to mention it again, due to the wicked fact that my favorite horror movie-mayhem, machete-wielding blogger, FinalGirl, decided to review it.

More awesome than that, it has an official VHS release that made me go wicked crazy on my VCR. So, if you are just asking to yourself, "I wonder what I can buy DeLaredo, as a token of appreciation for his wonderful, insightful and downright witty posts", then here is your answer.
Just click on over to Amazon, and make me one happy idiot-blogger. I seriously have to grow my stagnant VHS collection.

OK, sorry for the off-topic rant. You can go back to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you're ranting about but I have showgirls on VHS if you want it.

DeLaredo said...

Showgirls on VHS, awesome. That film is an utter masterpiece.

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