Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Carlos y Jose

So you're having a little 'carne asada' and you invite your compadres over and bust out the Schlitz. Trouble is, you don't have any corridos. Oh my! That could be a problem. But fret not, just navigate over to El Rincon de Julz blog and you can score some pretty neat CD's off mediafire. Download them to your convenience.

Legality issues aside, its a great way to increase your music collection, then that way you can finally ease off KC and the Sunshine Band!

Here is a sample corrido cd from the good folks, Carlos y Jose. If you wish to download it, you can find it here. Now, just don;t forget to invite me! (y di no a la pirateria)

1 comment:

BT Blues said...

Ajua los vatos del rincon del julz!


I hadn't heard a Schlitz reference in quite some time.

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