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Lago Casa Blanca

This past weekend was Memorial weekend.  I heard the Lake Casa Blanca was jam-packed, full of Laredoans enjoying all that the mighty charco of water can offer in the form of water fun and carne asada.

But, the De Laredo crew was there a few weeks ago, when things were a bit more quiet.  It was a quiet Saturday morning when we went to stake out our tables and grills.  I know that outsiders cannot quite understand the simplicity of our little lake, especially now that it has a "State Park" designation.  But it's the simple little things that one can enjoy.

I know the summer still has a few more holidays coming up.  But if you get a chance, go and enjoy Casa Blanca.  But be sure to get there early cause the camaradas will be there to stake out the grills before you will.


A video of goats randomly attacking people in Brazil? Yes, a video of goats randomly attacking people in Brazil. Humpday.

Laredo Lemurs' fans 2013

With the local baseball team off to such a hot start, (9-0) as of today, it has many people abuzz and excited about the Laredo Lemurs. This promises to be a good year and a great summer for hot dogs, baseball and Pancho the Lemur (we do  love our mascots)!

The team begins its next home stand on May 24th, and hopefully yours truly will get a chance to finally enjoy a game at the park. Take a peek at some of the pix sent by fans.  You might just spot me in one of them.

Weekend Roundup

It's Friday.  Time to let the hair down and fire up the carne asada grills.  It's time to have fun, in other words.

Case in point, let's have fun with everyone's favorite court jester, Mayor Raul Salinas.  In today's installment, let us imagine his latest publicity pose but in another way thanks to our friends with Fotoshop.

Fun and frivolity with Salinas aside, there are serious issues in the mighty city of Laredo.  There are disgruntled barrio residents and protesters throughout the city.  So, pay a little attention to their plights as the carcinogens take over.

 But it wouldn't be Laredo without a little fun and this weekend is no exception.  I'm not much of a car-guy but there are some car things out there for you all to enjoy.  Surprised to see its the 11th annual Laredo Car Show this 2013.  How time flies.

If cars are not your thing, then cheer on the baseball players.  The LMT says so.

For other Laredoans, it is far more important to know that Vinc…

Weekend Stuff

Chinga.  I remember when the local fuzz would make headlines snagging a few street walkers and their Johns on San Bernardo (though it's been a few months now).  Pero hora?  Something worthy of the ol' MSNBC show, "To Catch a Predator."  Undercover officers posing as teens.  Out of state perverts.  The whole nine yards.  Que TGIF y que nada para this dude.
Elsewhere, long time Laredo Morning Times writer, Odie Arambula received an award, a Humanitarian Award, to be exact.  That's fantastic for him.  I've heard about him for years.  But, I still can't understand his Monday Morning columns.  Too complicated for this barrio boy.

Don't cry for me Argentina, though.  Last night was awesome.  Lemur Time!  Me, myself, and my friends were in attendance as the Thursday crowd trickled in to catch the mighty Lemurs carve out a 2-0 victory over the Fargo Redhawks.  We'll be back there tonight so be sure to look for the crew wearing the DeLaredo T-shirts.  Ther…

Lemur Time

Well, opening day is here for Laredo's favorite professional sports team, the Laredo Lemurs.  Yes, we've heard all the negative commentary coming from the far corners of the Laredo blogosphere (click here and here and here for a taste of what the naysayers have written).

But, DeLaredo Blog simply does not care.

The members of this blog are baseball aficionados who want to go to semi-pro games with cheesy marketing opportunities in unfinished stadiums built at the taxpayers' expense.  What else are we gonna do?  Watch wrestling on the TV?  No, I don't think so.

So, get ready.  The summer of Lemurs, a year after Madagascar 3 no less, is here upon us.  Get ready for the sparse crowds, the beer marketing tie-ins, and the apathy from the masses.  These bloggers have their "Distressed" Lemurs cap and are ready to rock it.


Chinga, the mighty local paper, the LMT, mentioned that Rabies is still a problem in the City of Laredo. Why? It is the 21st century and Laredo still has a Rabies problem. I feel like I'm in an episode of the The Office.

Next thing you know, Laredo will notify us about the dangers of Polio.

The Day After

Aguas con la agua.

Last night was brutal.  Rain, rain, rain.  Dogs whimpering, cats scampering, and the street walkerscomplaining.

In other words:  spring showers.

Weekend Platform

This is what's going on this Mother's Day weekend in Laredo.

First and foremost,  Loop 20 sucks.  I don't know how many needless deaths have resulted from that stretch of road, but another one was brought to the forefront in the trial of Elisa Garza who was drunk when she killed a young Derek Trevino.  Garza was sentenced to 18 years in prison for intoxication manslaughter.  I wish that would stop the scary accidents on that loop, but I won't hold my breath.

In an unrelated note, people do change from mugshots to court trials don't they?

Elsewhere in Laredo, TAMIU university is embroiled in a good ol' fashioned coach-student sex scandal.  The allegations being made against the women's softball coach, Scott Libby, first surfaced a few days ago when a player accused him of harassment and inappropriateness.  Well, in today's LMT, his players came to the coach's defense and cast doubts on his accuser.  We'll see how this transpires.

 In friendlier …

Airport Visit

Spent Thursday afternoon waiting for a relative to come into the mighty Laredo airport.  I had not been there in years.  I think the last time I was there parking was free no matter how long you were there.  No mas!  Like everything else in this world, the City of Laredo started charging for parking for longer waits when I visited the airport yesterday.  No biggie.  But still, it's a reminder that things change.

Next thing you know they'll charge at the Mall Del Norte.