Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Roundup

 It's Friday.  Time to let the hair down and fire up the carne asada grills.  It's time to have fun, in other words.

Case in point, let's have fun with everyone's favorite court jester, Mayor Raul Salinas.  In today's installment, let us imagine his latest publicity pose but in another way thanks to our friends with Fotoshop.
Fun and frivolity with Salinas aside, there are serious issues in the mighty city of Laredo.  There are disgruntled barrio residents and protesters throughout the city.  So, pay a little attention to their plights as the carcinogens take over.

 But it wouldn't be Laredo without a little fun and this weekend is no exception.  I'm not much of a car-guy but there are some car things out there for you all to enjoy.  Surprised to see its the 11th annual Laredo Car Show this 2013.  How time flies.

If cars are not your thing, then cheer on the baseball players.  The LMT says so.

For other Laredoans, it is far more important to know that Vince Neil--sans Motley Crue--is returning to the city.  Yup.  August 16 is the date for Rockin the Rio.  Bring it on, plastic surgery and all!

And finally, your weekly mascot alert.  Pay attention.  Look closely.  They're everywhere.

1 comment:

KeyRose said...

And on the seventh day, Salinas rested.

The library mascot is a little creepy. It feels like my own episode of Donnie Darko.

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