Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Chinga.  I remember when the local fuzz would make headlines snagging a few street walkers and their Johns on San Bernardo (though it's been a few months now).  Pero hora?  Something worthy of the ol' MSNBC show, "To Catch a Predator."  Undercover officers posing as teens.  Out of state perverts.  The whole nine yards.  Que TGIF y que nada para this dude.
Elsewhere, long time Laredo Morning Times writer, Odie Arambula received an award, a Humanitarian Award, to be exact.  That's fantastic for him.  I've heard about him for years.  But, I still can't understand his Monday Morning columns.  Too complicated for this barrio boy.

Don't cry for me Argentina, though.  Last night was awesome.  Lemur Time!  Me, myself, and my friends were in attendance as the Thursday crowd trickled in to catch the mighty Lemurs carve out a 2-0 victory over the Fargo Redhawks.  We'll be back there tonight so be sure to look for the crew wearing the DeLaredo T-shirts.  There might be an unconscious body or two nearby so pay attention.

While on the baseball theme, one of the things to do this weekend is watching the game.  While the pros slug it out at Unitrade, the high school squads of the North Side will face off in an epic battle at Veterans Field. Yup, Alexander and United High will face off in the Region IV quarterfinals tonight in the first of a best of three game series.  Let's see how this fares.

Don't worry, the non-athletically inclined still get stuff to do.  For instance, Alicia Villareal will be appearing live in the city of Laredo tomorrow.  You can check her out if you are so inclined.

If not, you can go to watch this risque show.  But, I must caution:  it says its for ladies only.

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