Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lemur Time

Well, opening day is here for Laredo's favorite professional sports team, the Laredo Lemurs.  Yes, we've heard all the negative commentary coming from the far corners of the Laredo blogosphere (click here and here and here for a taste of what the naysayers have written).

But, DeLaredo Blog simply does not care.

The members of this blog are baseball aficionados who want to go to semi-pro games with cheesy marketing opportunities in unfinished stadiums built at the taxpayers' expense.  What else are we gonna do?  Watch wrestling on the TV?  No, I don't think so.

So, get ready.  The summer of Lemurs, a year after Madagascar 3 no less, is here upon us.  Get ready for the sparse crowds, the beer marketing tie-ins, and the apathy from the masses.  These bloggers have their "Distressed" Lemurs cap and are ready to rock it.

1 comment:

Tom Wade said...

I was at opening night, a sell out and several hundred in standing room only.

Great game, Lemurs won 2-0 in a great venue.

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