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Fight at the International Bridge

Whoah.  Things got heated at the ol' International Bridge today.  Just to tell you, Egg Nog and long lines at the CBP checkpoint are not conducive to harmony and good cheer.

According to reports in the LMT, a little road rage led to an all out fist fight worthy of Laredo Fights videos (see above).  But, in this case, it brought out the Feds and orders for these hooligans to get on the floor and to get down quickly.

Personally, if I had a gun drawn on me by law enforcement, I'd be eating dirt quickly and efficiently.  Yes, self-preservation and all that.  Either way, just wait till those Paisanos hit the bridges.  Yikes!

Freebie Monday! (part 1) The Bottle Returns

There was a time in my life where I was a Cow-sheep and I gave my money blindly over to Jerry Jones. I loved me some football and some Dallas Cowboys. However, somewhere along the way, for many reasons that I don't wish to write about, I lost all interest in the NFL and especially in Jerry's team. Because of that, I am giving away all my Cowboys memorabilia (not that I have much left).

I first tried to give this bottle away in a Twitter contest I held about two years ago. However, the winner of that contest, a man from Zapata, never came by to collect his prize. After repeated calls and emails went unanswered, I am putting up again for some lucky Jerry Jones disciple to add to their collection.

The bottle itself goes for about 15 maybe 25 dollars on Ebay. It's actually a fairly common Coke bottle, nonetheless, it would still be a great gift with the holidays coming up. At one point in my life, I loved me the Dallas Cowboys brand, and I because of that I want this bottle t…

Times Story

The Laredo Morning Times continued its no-holds-barred approach to dealing with the criminal element by publishing a story on 10 delinquent dads who have not paid child-support.  Que gacho.  You add this to the "Johns" who have been caught on San Bernardo, the DWI arrests that number the city, and just about every other crime in Laredo and you have the recipe for public shaming.

Not everyone is happy though.  A few days ago, I heard my friend's dad, a retired government employee, rail against the LMT publishing only stories on crime and the criminal element.  I just sat there listening to him and nodding.  Yes, I wasn't listening as closely as I could have, but he was a little animated, to say the least.

I just wanted to go home.

Regardless, the Times will do what the Times does and continue to publish the names and faces of these perpetrators.  Even the pics with hickeys, no less.

In other Laredo news, I didn't know that Domino's delivered to 18-wheeler tr…

KGNS News 1980

This video you have to watch!

Vintage KGNS Laredo, TX circa 1980 and boy is it fun viewing.

 Featuring: Mayor Tatangelo looking perplexed

Residents of Colonia Guadalupe battling gangs of youths

A young and robust Heatwave Burler rockin a beard and being the spitting image of Robert England!!

John Keck pleadingfor you not to get up to go to the refrigerator!

La Migra working on cutbacks and with used parts  :(

Sames car dealership in better days

The best Coors beer commerical EVER!

Elizabeth Sorrel of the Laredo Citizens Society

The Watsons giving a party in 'their beautiful home in Del Mar'!

The Alpine Car Stereo of my dreams from Audio Systems in the Gateway Shopping Center

Car Decals

At times I am taken back by the tastes and hobbies of others throughout this city. That is the beauty of the wonderful place we call Webb County.

 The car above is a good example of what I am talking about. Why anyone would place a decal such as this on their back window is beyond my understanding.

Cada quien.

Llanta Ordinance

Say it isn't so.  I read in the LMT this morning that Laredo's favorite pasttime--dumping old tires by the curbside--is now going to be targeted?

What will they do next, aim an ordinance against the folks who open boxes of diapers at the local Wal-Marts?  Big government at its finest.

While I wish the folks in City Hall the best of luck, I also know the reality of trying to curb peoples' behaviors in this capacity.

Pokes Update

Blogging has been inconsistent.  I have no real excuses other than to say life is always in the way now, sadly.

Either way, to quote Madonna, "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."  That's not what this is about.  Instead, how about a little Laredo-themed Cowboys love?  Yes, it never fails, despite the 5-5 record and a bye week, Laredoans love their Pokes.

Around Laredo 7 (I lost count)

As a blogger, I never know when I will have to bust out my camera at a moment's notice. Most of the time I carry a specific camera that I use to take pictures because my smart phone camera just never cuts it well enough. It turns out that I had about 20 pictures on that digital camera that I wanted to share with you fellow readers.

 However, as it often happens in this city, my truck was vandalized, broken into and I had many personal things stolen. Among those things was my favorite digital camera along with an array of images that I had taken in the past three months, since the last time I posted anything on here.

Barbacoa Sunday

It's Sunday.  For the most part folks around town will either go to church or buy some barbacoa.  I am in the latter group, preferring to stand in line in the heat of Laredo's late morning rather than in the air-conditioned comfort of some church building.  Maybe the long-term reward is not quite what it could be, but I am sure pleased with the short-term reward of the carne I find at Raul's.

The folks in line with me may not agree, but that is a typical Sunday in el canton.

Mugshot Parade

Que gacho, Nacho.

I guess there was a police crackdown on DUI offenders a few days ago.  And while that is nothing new or out of the ordinary, the publicizing of all 50+ mugshots was something that I don't remember seeing.


Now, the LMT has a link (click here) of all mugshots and you can even "LIKE" them on Facebook and share them with your friends as well as comment on them.


One thing I noticed too was how some photos have a "Counter" to see how many people enlarge a particular pic.  Ms. Lauren Reyes (see the pic above) is leading the ladies while on the upper left hand corner, Mr. Roel Ramirez is leading the men.  Naturally some folks have "0" hits.  I dare not speculate as to why that is, though.  I'll let you be the judge.

***Update:  Apparently one of the accused was Mr. TAMIU, a ceremonial position for a member of the school's student body.  He resigned yesterday.

Football Coming

The dog days of summer are coming to a close and the faint whiff of the Fall is upon the great city of Laredo.  For residents of this Metropolis, the fall means another year hoping that the Dallas Cowboys fare a bit better than the year before.  Your faithful narrator was a young little blogger the last time the Pokes were any semblance of a threat to the NFL hierarchy.  And these last few years the Laredo faithful have remained a bit disenchanted with the activities in North Texas.

But, don't be dismayed.  As you walk or drive through the barrios of Laredo, you'll notice that the carne asadas will be going strong--if not stronger--now that the NFL preseason has started in earnest.  Don't worry about the Cowboys' last miserable preseason game against the Cardinals because Jerry Jones says there is nothing to worry about.  So, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, paint your casas blue and draw a Cowboys star on the sidewalk.  It's the Laredo way.

Early Morning School Visit

It is mid August and the smell of school is already in the morning air.  I walked over to TAMIU and was mildly surprised how much it's grown over the years.

Obviously DeLaredo was there in the early morning hours and that's why you don't see a lot of people around there.

Front Page News

A few weeks ago, the Laredo Morning Times posted this pic of some sort of LISD safety drill on its front page.  De Laredo HQ meant to publish it at that time, but as with most things, life got busy in the form of beer and carne asadas.

So, here we go with the commentary that was meant when the picture first graced the pages of the local paper:  Are You Serious?

OK.  Carry on.

TV Reality

The DeLaredo crew was sitting around watching TV, desperately trying to stave off the typical August heat, when someone mentioned that The National Geographic Channel was airing an episode of "Border Wars."

Of course, ever since the end of the Al Roker inspired Bordertown: Laredo on A&E the city has been in a funk, unable to find itself without a reality show demonstrating the power of law enforcement in this fair city.

Well, fear and funk no more, "Border Wars" had a little bit of Laredo this morning.

By the time I broke out the camera, the end of the show was near.  But there are still a few riveting highlights of football.  In this case, it is the Border Patrol vs. Customs and people turned out in droves (allegedly).  So view for yourself and see if you can spot someone you know.

In my humble opinion, Knute Rockne would be proud.

Andres Mora 1984 Commemorative Glass

I was perusing the aisles at local antique shop and after walking past several tempting Schlitz beer mugs, my eyes spotted something I could not walk away from.

As you may know, I happen to enjoy a good game of baseball, and besides my beloved Texas Rangers, I have also been known to catch a game of Los Tecolotes de Los Dos Laredos every now and then. My knowledge of the team does not go too far back, other than what my dad and tios ramble about at every carne asada, especially with regards to the golden era of the 70s and 80s.

In any case, I saw an awesome Tecolotes commemorative glass of ex-Teco great, Andres Mora. It seems as if it was originally either a give-away or a promotional item by the team. It's dated from 1984, and although I really did not watch the Tecos during that time, it seemed like a great gift for my dad, so I had to pick it up.

By the way, besides collecting VHS, I also now collect Tecolotes memorabilia. If you have any that you are willing to sell, please g…

Beer Run Change

Laredo Beer Runs are a mainstay in the sleepy little hamlet we call home.  Some of us even view them as local institutions.  But, we also recognize that they are not permanent.  Take for instance, the recent changes to the beer run on the corner of San Bernardo and LaFayette.

I saw them painting the building just a few days ago and as I stopped by to take a closer look from the trusty vantage of the Exxon across the street, I noticed that the slogan seems to be missing a letter "L."

At least, that's what I think.  I believe it should be "Papi Chulos."  Even though there is a little artistic freedom in how the heart takes place of the  letter "O" I can't seem to find the "L."

Besides, for all I know, it might not be a true, authentic beer run any further.

Stay tuned.

Summer 1992

There are summers that a person can never forget. Maybe they changed your life or altered your destiny in some unimaginable way, similar to the magical summer of 1962 that changed The Sandlot kids forever. Well, as we know, Laredo summers can be brutal and there is no escaping the sun or its death rays. For me, there was no escaping the Summer of 1992. It will forever be the line of demarcation that transcended my life into adolescence.

A recent tweet from Keyrose sent me down to memory lane. He tweeted how it had been the 21 years since a Gonzalez-Bath had gunned down three people at the intersection of San Dario and Mann Road. Instantly after reading his tweet, I traveled back in time and I could see myself and everything I was doing in the summer of that glorious year.

The reason why that year is so clearly etched upon my mind was because it was the same year that my life was forever changed. My parents moved our family down from Dallas to Laredo and the change of scenery could not…

Updates (Summer 2013)

People ask me all the time why I don't update as often as I once did. Honestly, I don't know. Maybe it's the heat. A person is liable to get a sunstroke blogging so often. Sunstroke, yeah, let's go with that. It's possible right?

Well, I have been doing lots traveling around lately. That's no joke either! Even DeLaredo finds it necessary to venture beyond the friendly confines of Webb County every now and then.  I hit Pearsall and San Ignacio, TX in the past two weeks. Both are great towns with lots of hidden treasures. Not only that, I plan to do more traveling this upcoming week (Carrizo Springs). I do promise to keep the updates coming fast and furious so be on the look out.

Don't  forget to keep stopping by our sister site, From Laredo. You'll find some pix of my trip to Zapata and San Ignacio, TX.

Also, I introduce to you our newest blog, VHS Horrors. With that blog we hope to document our growing VHS and movie library. As you have read here before…

The Hand goes on vacation

"A man needs to get out and experience the world," my dad would always say when I was a kid. Now that I'm a grown man I try to get out and view the sights in order to experience everything that the outside world had to offer. However,  it's hard leaving Santo Baby, TX, but since I had a few days off for vacation, I gathered the courage to venture out beyond Webb County.

Friends and relatives waste no time in gloating about their summer excursions. Co-workers always mention to me their trips to Vegas, Europe, and the Caribbean as if I should be melting with envy. Nonetheless, I too took a weekend getaway trip, but being that I have a limited budget, I could not afford to visit Amsterdam, so I took the next best thing, a trip toPearsall, TX.

You see, every now and then, even DeLaredo needs to periodically travel beyond the city limits of beautiful Laredo, TX. As luck would have it, destiny and circumstances swept me to Pearsall, TX, a city about 100 miles north of Lare…

Goodbye Super S

Changes are inevitable. They happen all the time. Laredo is quickly headed into the 21st century and along the way some things will be lost. For example The Play-more, gone forever, Narvaez on Saunders, just a memory, Cotulla Restaurant, faded like a presidential mandate.

Now, my favorite store on Santa Maria has changed names and it feels like I've been backstabbed. While I had not been inside this particular Super S store since my 2009 blog post, I have passed by it countless times and the large Super S Store sign hanging out front of the store always brought me the type of comfort that only 1988 could bring.

Now that the store has changed its name, it seems as if the entire world is being ushered into a new era. And here I go kicking and screaming into the 2000s. But, it seems to be more than just a name change that makes me ponder of those days gone by. Maybe its my old age or maybe its my lack of Shlitz these days, but things just aren't what they used to be.

Lazy Sunday

Sunday is a hallowed day in Laredo.  It is a day reserved for carne asadas.  OK, some people observe the Sabbath.  Others nap.  But the real heart and soul of Laredo's existence is the cookout.  De Laredo blog kindly observes that tradition.

Weekend Roundup

Weekend time again.  The biggest news in Laredo is the collective sigh that was heard last night shortly after 10:30, when the mighty San Antonio Spurs were defeated by the annoying Miami Heat.  Of course, the players and coaches followed the NBA script on cue as David Stern, the ever-prescient puppet master, rubbed his hands gleefully after the pivotal Game 6 fiasco two days earlier.  Too bad.  It would have been cool to see the Spurs win again.

But life moves on and so does Laredo.  This weekend is a perfect example as summer officially begins.

Of course the big thing for all of the city is the beauty stuff going on in the LISD building Civic Center.  Misses and Teens from what I can gather.

It's a good thing that the pageant(s) were not set for last week because folks were building arcs and getting ready for the end of the world like it was 2012 or something.  I always wonder why Laredo can't take any heavy rain without flooding?

But this is not a time for rejoicing.  Jame…

Weekend Fun

The weekend has come once again to our sleepy little hamlet.  And, the LPD has not disappointed.  It had been quite a while without one of Laredo's own patented prostitution stings.  Sure enough, with the upcoming Fourth of July festivities on the horizon, the law enforcement types decided it was time for another roundup.

Sure enough, the names and photos are plastered for all to see on the front page of the LMT.  Thank you for making our city so much safer oh great city leaders.

Meanwhile, it was a slow newsday at the ol' newspaper.  Why you ask?  Oh because the front page featured a story on UISD Athletic Director, Bobby Cruz, being a fan of the San Antonio Spurs.  Really?  Shocking, I know.  In tomorrow's newspaper edition, a story on how the sun will rise in the east and set in the west.  Also, stay tuned for a story on how most Laredoans like Texas-based football teams.  Investigate journalism at its finest.

Speaking of the Spurs, a recent flurry of activity has surr…

Lago Casa Blanca

This past weekend was Memorial weekend.  I heard the Lake Casa Blanca was jam-packed, full of Laredoans enjoying all that the mighty charco of water can offer in the form of water fun and carne asada.

But, the De Laredo crew was there a few weeks ago, when things were a bit more quiet.  It was a quiet Saturday morning when we went to stake out our tables and grills.  I know that outsiders cannot quite understand the simplicity of our little lake, especially now that it has a "State Park" designation.  But it's the simple little things that one can enjoy.

I know the summer still has a few more holidays coming up.  But if you get a chance, go and enjoy Casa Blanca.  But be sure to get there early cause the camaradas will be there to stake out the grills before you will.


A video of goats randomly attacking people in Brazil? Yes, a video of goats randomly attacking people in Brazil. Humpday.

Laredo Lemurs' fans 2013

With the local baseball team off to such a hot start, (9-0) as of today, it has many people abuzz and excited about the Laredo Lemurs. This promises to be a good year and a great summer for hot dogs, baseball and Pancho the Lemur (we do  love our mascots)!

The team begins its next home stand on May 24th, and hopefully yours truly will get a chance to finally enjoy a game at the park. Take a peek at some of the pix sent by fans.  You might just spot me in one of them.