Sunday, November 24, 2013

KGNS News 1980

This video you have to watch!

Vintage KGNS Laredo, TX circa 1980 and boy is it fun viewing.

 Featuring: Mayor Tatangelo looking perplexed

Residents of Colonia Guadalupe battling gangs of youths

A young and robust Heatwave Burler rockin a beard and being the spitting image of Robert England!!

John Keck pleading for you not to get up to go to the refrigerator!

La Migra working on cutbacks and with used parts  :(

Sames car dealership in better days

The best Coors beer commerical EVER!

Elizabeth Sorrel of the Laredo Citizens Society

The Watsons giving a party in 'their beautiful home in Del Mar'!

The Alpine Car Stereo of my dreams from Audio Systems in the Gateway Shopping Center

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