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Reminiscing Over You: 1993 and Thanksgiving Dreams

WTFB! (What the Fudge Brownies!) I had me a good Thanksgiving Day weekend. Ate some bird, had some 8 dollar wine and saw some relatives I had not had the displeasure of talking to in over a decade.

 One of them was a cousin of mine from Nvo. Laredo that I had not seen since 1998. The holidays are always a good time to catch up with some of the relatives that get lost along the way. Well, back in the day, this primo (not the one pictured above) and me would have some crazy fun all over the streets of Nvo Laredo. We were both fourteen yrs old and we thought we were the shit. In reality we were just two stupid teenagers wearing Georgetown Hoyas jerseys and UNLV caps. Fashion was not our strong suit.

In music, we would make the noise to the latest rap single, but our favorites were Pete Rock and CL Smooth. For some reason, we would trump their music out of his boombox like nobody's business. I bought that CD sometime in 1993 and for a whole 3 months I played it out so much, the thing …

For Sale

Driving down the street I spotted this gem of a scene. A woman was seated on a table with a 'for sale' sign right next to her. It was unclear whether it was her for sale or the air conditioner unit that was right beside her. I can almost picture this woman's husband sitting her on this table and trying to get some chump change for the perceived old hag.
     BTW, I should've bought the AC unit. My place is like an oven.

My Thanksgiving: by Maria C

My Thanksgiving by Maria Cisneros
When I was in elementary school, I remember every Thanksgiving my teacher would assign us the task of making a turkey out of our handprints and we’d make a list of the things we were most thankful for. I wish I would’ve kept one of those assignments so that I could see exactly what I was thankful for back then. My list probably included my new Jem doll and my She-ra action figure. Nowadays, my list would include a couple of items way more significant than that. Materials possessions don’t carry much meaning; they’re necessary to make living easier and possible but the objects most precious in my life are the people in it. My most important people are as follows: my daughter, my family, and my friends.

Drag me to Hal's

It's been a long, sad week for me. I think the loss is finally sinking in quietly. I'm coming to grips with it. In the meantime, I'm being dragged out of the house over to Hal's. Grief can be harsh.

Bleeding Ranger Red

I'm still hurting inside. I'm not  ready to talk about the loss. Don't look for new posts for a couple of more days. I can't blog right now, I have to lay down and not think about it.

Furniture in Life

My protege, Maria, has left me and started her own blog. Figures. So typical. You make someone famous, then they get a taste of the good life, and they leave you in the dust in the vain hope of being the next Jenny Jones. In any case, spin by her new blog and tell her I said hi.