Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reminiscing Over You: 1993 and Thanksgiving Dreams

WTFB! (What the Fudge Brownies!) I had me a good Thanksgiving Day weekend. Ate some bird, had some 8 dollar wine and saw some relatives I had not had the displeasure of talking to in over a decade.
Wearing a TUX for some silly prom BS

 One of them was a cousin of mine from Nvo. Laredo that I had not seen since 1998. The holidays are always a good time to catch up with some of the relatives that get lost along the way. Well, back in the day, this primo (not the one pictured above) and me would have some crazy fun all over the streets of Nvo Laredo. We were both fourteen yrs old and we thought we were the shit. In reality we were just two stupid teenagers wearing Georgetown Hoyas jerseys and UNLV caps. Fashion was not our strong suit.

In music, we would make the noise to the latest rap single, but our favorites were Pete Rock and CL Smooth. For some reason, we would trump their music out of his boombox like nobody's business. I bought that CD sometime in 1993 and for a whole 3 months I played it out so much, the thing quickly became scratched and unplayable. My cousin asked me to lend it to him and I did, knowing full well I would not see it again. It had cost me something like $15 dollars over at Talamas Music Store on Guerrero St  en el otro lado.  That was in 1993. I thought the CD was lost forever. Whenever I would see him I would ask him for my CD back, but, he always had an excuse as to why he couldn't hand it over. Well, we had a falling out in the late 90s and I had not spoken to him in a over 10 years, until yesterday. I ran into him at my aunt's house, and he saw me and gave me a huge grin using his plaqued, crooked teeth.

"Guess what I've got in my truck!" he blurted out to me before even greeting my hand. We walked out to his truck and he produced the CD of Pete Rock and CL Smooth that we both had enjoyed and the CD I had not seen since 1993! It was the same one too, because it had my signature I had put on the CD sleeve. He slammed into this CD player of his automobile and the speakers produced my most favorite rap song eeever, "They Reminisce Over You"


Thanksgiving is MosDef a time to bring family together. It's more than just turkey and overblown, hyped-up Best Buy Sales. It's more than tired Charlie Brown specials, and gravy and corn galore. The holidays are about family, about being together and seeing the loved ones from years gone by. Its about having cheap eight dollar wine with a loved one. It's about reminiscing passed,cherished memories and looking forward to the good days ahead. It is about forgiving a cousin for sins of the past. Turkey or no turkey, Thanksgiving is a sweet time. Here is to the holidays and reminiscing over the good times.

(Editors Note: You can download this CD at this great blog, along with other classic hiphop.)


BT Blues said...

Eh, truchas con los Charlie Brown specials.

They are anything but lame, man.

DeLaredo said...

Sorry Blues! Didn't mean to upset your favorite film. I love one line from that movie:

"I can't believe it! My own sister gone commercial."

I'm pretty sure its that movie...or its a Xmas one.

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