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Keep Laredo beautiful

Some people in Laredo just can't read ,and they don't seem to care about keeping our fair city litter-free. Over by the river, I spotted a fairly large no dumping sign and right in front of it was an old-thrown away mattress, just laying there on the side of the road like a dead animal carcass. Some raza just doesn't understand that no dumping means just that: no dumping thrash on the side of the calle. Por eso estamos como estamos, eh. Some people in Laredo just can't read. Dang!

Pulga Time

Vamos a la pulga.

1989 sucked horror movie cotton balls.

Zeigenbock Beer can make you have some loud discussions. And if the topic is good, people can get a bit riled up. Case in point is a discussion I had with some dude the other day on horror movies of 1989. Besides Pet Cemetary, the whole year sucked fat chocolate cake in a dismal sequel-filled cesspool of crap-ola. You have terrible sequels like the Fly 2 (ouch), Halloween 5 (barf) and Friday the 13 pt. 8 (stay away at all costs). Morover, crappy sequels continued like Nightmare on Elm St 5, Silent Night Deadly Night 5, and the totally innane Sleepaway Camp 3. I like cheessy-campy, over the top, what the hell-horror movies, but 1989 was just freakning bad (bad bad, not bad good). Plot and logic were never strenghts of these films, but in 1989, they threw all that out the window.

I tried to talk some sense with this person that I was having this discussion, but after a while I could sense he was getting personally offended so I dropped it and we started to talk about VHS collections and…

Round and Round

As a kid, all I ever had was a flobby pogo-stick. But times were tough and dad would just keep on saying, "ni modo". However, this particular west Laredo family has a cool looking mini carrousel. Sweet. Makes me wish I was 8 years old watching Mupped Babies. s.

Laredo goes green.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Laredo in the green and fast lane. Apparently, this guy thought he was in Europe.

Schlitz Party

Man, that sure does look like the party to have been at in 1978. Schlitz, good music, good friends; what else can a man ask for? Too bad I wasn't invited to this particular shin-dig.

Sliding down

Taken at the carnival that sets up over by Burlington on Sanber. As a kid, this ride always seemed fun. Even now, dang, I'd still get on it.

West Side Art

Train tracks and Graffiti go hand in hand. Laredo's west side sure does have lots of culture and art.

The Raspa Man returns

This raspa/ice cream truck was found over by Mines Road. It seems to be a converted mini-school bus. Sweet. I love raspa trucks.

Bottoms Up

CarrotHead (cast and crew)

Im currently working on a very low budget, amateur film, titled: CarrotHead. Im looking for some cast and crew. The short film will be shot soon so if you care to help us out in any way leave a comment or write to us at:

GBFilms@ymail .com

The short film will be a horror/comedy. Look for it soon.

Party On Laredo, Saludos Nightscene

Pictures taken from the Saludos dudes.

Damn Google Ads

Sometimes the stupid Google ads can get it all messed up. The google ad on the right --->

can sometimes go haywire and start advertising about the craziest things. Case in point, the picture below.

Click on picture above to enlarge it and right below the playlist is the ad in question.

Google is advertising cheap "asesinatos" in Laredo ! WTF? I know Laredo has a bad reputation, but come the fugde on! It was just too funny. Assasination ads via-Google. That's why you should never trust those silly ads, just too damn annoying. So if you want a quick, cheap hit on that guy you cant stand in the office, go to google. They know where all the low prices for asesinatos in Nvo Laredo are at! Ouch.

"Pan" on the run

Blogging about bullshit topics can workup an appetite really fast. Good thing that Superior Bakery makes some damn good pan dulce! They are over in the Guadalupe neighborhood and they know their bread, soft and fresh, right out the oven. I enjoyed me this concha after a hard days blogging. Man can't live off blogging alone; we need some sweet bread to keep us going, too.

Damn, sure looks tasty don't it? Have a bite! BTW, im going on a Pano run, im running low on calories.

Pepsi, The Choice of west Laredo

I'm a Pepsi lover myself, so imagine my utter delight when I spotted a Pepsi machine outside the front yard of a local west side residence. They must have had me in mind when they placed this colossal structure of the gods smack in the middle of their yard for everyone to revere and pay homage. Another reason yet, to love the Laredo's west side. Choice of a new generation.

Water in the Sky

For the ten foot giants out there, get your drink on at this easily accesible drinking fountain.

Laredo Bridge Webcams

Ever want to go to Nvo. Laredo but you dont know how packed the bridge will be? Well, try logging into the city of Laredo website where you can monitor the traffic via webcam. There you can view the traffic on the local bridges and even on the Mexican side. Then you can see if its worth going over to el otro lado to visit abuela, buy those morning after pills, or stopping by Hamburguesas el Rio for some tasty eats. Mmm good. You can view the cams here.

Evelyn Motor Inn circa 1961

Drove by the Evelyn MotorInn last weekend and it seems they have re-opened for business. Sure would love to stop by and have some good eats there. In any case, I came across a pic on Flickr that is supposed to be the Evelyn back in 1961 when it was called Dodd's. I wanted to share this neat pic with everyone.

If you have old pics of Laredo you wish to share, send them over to us so we can post em!

Laredoans can't spell

Yeah, we can't spel to save our lives. "Spelling is for nerds," I had a friend tell me once. Apparently, the people that wrote this sign on the front of their store didn't have spelling as a number one priority. Downtown is just so fun! Brands galore, but don't expect such frivolous things like correct spelling. That's for the birds... Laredo loves fashion, but not so much spelling. I didn't take this picture, for I found it on flickr and I thought it was just too fun. I can't seem to recall what street this store is at exactly, but I'm fairly sure its over by Riverdrive Mall (or whatever it's called now). I will buy the first round of beer to the first person that tells me the exact street address of this gem store.

BTW, props to the original photographer.

P.S. I always have typos and spelling errors in my blog posts. Just don't look to hard..o te vas a volver ciego.

Ya Llego el Calor!

Keep cool out there Laredo. The temps are reaching 100 degrees and summer is all but already bearing down upon us. The raspa and paleta guys are working overtime and the albercas should be opening any day now. So drink plenty of water and stay out of the hot damn sun. Keep cool Laredo!