Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1989 sucked horror movie cotton balls.

Zeigenbock Beer can make you have some loud discussions. And if the topic is good, people can get a bit riled up. Case in point is a discussion I had with some dude the other day on horror movies of 1989. Besides Pet Cemetary, the whole year sucked fat chocolate cake in a dismal sequel-filled cesspool of crap-ola. You have terrible sequels like the Fly 2 (ouch), Halloween 5 (barf) and Friday the 13 pt. 8 (stay away at all costs). Morover, crappy sequels continued like Nightmare on Elm St 5, Silent Night Deadly Night 5, and the totally innane Sleepaway Camp 3. I like cheessy-campy, over the top, what the hell-horror movies, but 1989 was just freakning bad (bad bad, not bad good). Plot and logic were never strenghts of these films, but in 1989, they threw all that out the window.

I tried to talk some sense with this person that I was having this discussion, but after a while I could sense he was getting personally offended so I dropped it and we started to talk about VHS collections and video stores. Then and there I realized that we no longer have any locally-owned-mom and pop videos stores left in Laredo. The only stores left are large corporations and conglomorates: soul-less stores with terrible selections. I think the only store left is West Coast Video over on Guadalupe, but other that that, the chains have taken over.

1989 did suck. No, wait a minute, it freaking ruled, but the horror movies did bite. In the end, the lesson learned was that life's difficult mysterious can be unraveled after a couple of Ziegenbocks. You can quote me on that, too.

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