Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laredoans can't spell

Yeah, we can't spel to save our lives. "Spelling is for nerds," I had a friend tell me once. Apparently, the people that wrote this sign on the front of their store didn't have spelling as a number one priority. Downtown is just so fun! Brands galore, but don't expect such frivolous things like correct spelling. That's for the birds... Laredo loves fashion, but not so much spelling.
I didn't take this picture, for I found it on flickr and I thought it was just too fun. I can't seem to recall what street this store is at exactly, but I'm fairly sure its over by Riverdrive Mall (or whatever it's called now). I will buy the first round of beer to the first person that tells me the exact street address of this gem store.

BTW, props to the original photographer.

P.S. I always have typos and spelling errors in my blog posts. Just don't look to hard..o te vas a volver ciego.

1 comment:

BT Blues said...

Welcome back!

Uh, looks like Grant St. to me.

I could be wrong, though.

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