Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Pan" on the run

Blogging about bullshit topics can workup an appetite really fast. Good thing that Superior Bakery makes some damn good pan dulce! They are over in the Guadalupe neighborhood and they know their bread, soft and fresh, right out the oven. I enjoyed me this concha after a hard days blogging. Man can't live off blogging alone; we need some sweet bread to keep us going, too.

Damn, sure looks tasty don't it? Have a bite! BTW, im going on a Pano run, im running low on calories.

1 comment:

KeyRose said...

I got some bread from La Superior the other day and my wife loved the crushed conchas. They looked like somebody intentionally flattened them. I didn't even notice when I bought them.

I went with my favorite, a maranito.

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