Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Farias Spray Park

Last July, I was driving over by Calton and Santa Maria and I came across this 'Spray Park' behind a Boys and Girls Park and right in front of the railroads. The strange thing was that this picture was taken around 11am in the morning and the water was turned off and there were no chidren enjoying this costly structure. It seemed odd to me to have the spray park not working in the middle of the day on one of the hottest days of the summer. I know there is another similar park beneath the Lafayette Overpass and I have seen that one in action with kids and families having a great time. But i've passed through this one, and each time, its been dead. Maybe someone can explain it all to me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lonche Time: Food on the Run

Lets say your working as a construction worker over by Plantation. Its lunch time and you're starving, but you dont want to leave the site for you have lots of work to do. So its loncheria truck to the rescue. The loncheria truck brings hot tacos morning and lunch right to your worksite. Now that's efficiency. So next time you see the loncheria truck at your workside selling taquitos, its your turn to buy.

What happend to our barbershops?

Another lovely site from Laredo's yesteryear. This photo too was taken somewhere out in the west part of Laredo (thanks Alex for the correction). I never actually went to this barbershop, but I sure do miss them in general. Where are men to get a haircut now? A beaty salon? At the mall next to some fifty year old granny getting a perm? Screw that! Its a darn shame we have few places to get a decent haircut. Barbershops in general are a decline and this picture here is a honorary tribute to barbershops everywhere...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Reen "Disposable Boyfriend" Live

Way back in late 2006, local musician the Reen, played a couple of songs back at our old office and was also kind enough to answer some of our questions for an interview. Since then, we have seen him play around town at clubs and festivals. This song, 'Disposable Boyfriend', penned by him, is presented to you, hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

House with 80s TV antenna

You remember those huge antennas that people would place outside their home in order to receive a crazy amount of channels? Those things were so wicked that it would be able to pick up channels from deep in the jungles of Peru! Anyway, driving down the western part of Laredo the other day, I spotted a house that was still rocking one of those. The antenna is so big its almost the size of the house itself. Its a great visual too, nothing says home sweet home like a quarter ton of magnetic metal. Im a fan of vintage electronics so I think its great. I wonder if this antenna is actually still working? If it does, maybe I can hang at at this house next time that Time Warner Cable doesn't televise the Cowboys game on the NFL Network. I want to see Tony Romeo have the ball slip through his hands...again. Or at least maybe we can watch public access and catch a good fight..oops I mean LISD Board Meeting (wink).

Things are tough all over (recession affects us all)

There is no doubt that we are facing tough times all over. President Bush, Haliburton, Enron, Jessica Simpson and even crooked Reffere Donelly have all conspired to ruin our economy. Even local musicians are not immune from the bad economy. Not even writing a bad country and western song can cure this guys ills. Hey, "ni modo" as my Ama used to say. She always said there'd be days like this.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Laredo Chameleon Advertises

I'm minding my business driving down Meadow Ave.(and Market St.) and I ran across an advertising hanging off the wall at a local gasoline station. The bright yellow sign is used to drive motorists to this local website dedicated to raising awareness of local political issues. Im glad to see local civic minded websites thriving. The only wrong with Laredo Chameleon is the the site is a bit difficulto to navigate, but other than that, good work.

Forbidden Dances, Blackface, and Tantangelo: The 1990 WBCA Parade (part 1)

Updated: Link to video here : 1990 WBCA Parade Laredo, TX I have finally been able to upload at least a small portion of the footage of th...