Tuesday, August 5, 2008

House with 80s TV antenna

You remember those huge antennas that people would place outside their home in order to receive a crazy amount of channels? Those things were so wicked that it would be able to pick up channels from deep in the jungles of Peru! Anyway, driving down the western part of Laredo the other day, I spotted a house that was still rocking one of those. The antenna is so big its almost the size of the house itself. Its a great visual too, nothing says home sweet home like a quarter ton of magnetic metal. Im a fan of vintage electronics so I think its great. I wonder if this antenna is actually still working? If it does, maybe I can hang at at this house next time that Time Warner Cable doesn't televise the Cowboys game on the NFL Network. I want to see Tony Romeo have the ball slip through his hands...again. Or at least maybe we can watch public access and catch a good fight..oops I mean LISD Board Meeting (wink).

1 comment:

Alex said...

I think I have seen that dish.

Sadly, it is by my neighborhood.

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