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Follow me Around Laredo

BluePimpnChick, a video blogger and budding movie director, has apparently watched one too many "Jersey Shore" episodes and decided to chronicle her life on the digital landscape. She takes her camera phone, POV style, and films everything she encounters around her city as she drives " her tia and her Grandma's sisters" to the store.

Along the way, we are treated to some informative nuggets as BluePimpn and her 'lil sis share their insights as they make their way down the busy streets of Laredo.

Sample dialogue from the video is found below.

Things I learned while watching this video: 1)“Walking down stairs, this is where my grandma fell.
She fell all the way downstairs” 2)“its payday, but we aren’t allowed to cash our checks till Monday” 3)“For all your Mother’s out there, happy late Mother’s day” 4)“You know how they say we Mexicans have big families..well everything is bigger in Texas” 5)“Oh my God, my ex BF works at HEB” 6)“Look Tony’s truck, que aguite en e…

The Jolly Ranchers

Everyone's favorite local cover band, The Jolly Ranchers, did a nice photo layout with the good people at TheNightScene. Stop by their site and check out some of the pics.


The last several days have been torturous for me. Several days ago, or what seems like eight blue moons ago, I inexplicably lost my 'smart phone'. Apparently, while my phone is "smart", I still remain the same-ol' clumsy and forgetful person of always.

I did not know just how much I depended on my phone, how addicted I am to it, or how my life is intertwined to it to such a degree, that I feel lost without it.

Since I misplaced my phone last Friday, I have been "out of touch" with the "outside world". I have missed texts, forwards, tweets and Facebook updates. I'm always on it checking scores and highlights, especially during boring dinner conversations. Heck, I have even missed several important phone calls and have needed to resort to making calls from a dreaded payphone outside seedy convenient stores, like some third rate pimp circa 1991.

Not only do I have to make calls from a payphone, but I have to be fumbling around, looking ever…

Imposter hands

I had me a carne asada recently with a compadre. We blazed some alambritos over a scorching hot fire and heard sad Cornelio Reyna songs. Good times in the bordertown. BTW, that is his hand over the fire. He wanted to be an imposter and I was afraid I'd burn my hand.

Mr. Sushi

Mr. Sushi (on North Arkansas Av.) is the latest sushi place to be opening up in our smelly city. As we all know, sushi is long considered a food staple in this border city, so adding another sushi restaurant, to an already crowded field, was considered a no-brainer. (sushi breakfast tacos anyone?)

So now with Mr. Sushi opening its doors soon, Sushi Madre better watch its back!

Cindylu and fiance drop by my blog

I felt honored recently, when my blog crush, CindyLu from Loteria Chicana, dropped by and left some comments on my blog. It was a total OMG-like moment for me. 
I had written a short entry, some time back, on her impending marriage, and I guess it carried across the internets. It was a too cool moment for me. At least now she knows I exist. Yeay.  BTW, congrats to her and her fiance again. Weddings make me cry.(read their comments below)cindylu said...Thanks for the well wishes! *blushes* May 27, 2011 6:07 PM Seanathan (a.k.a. Cindylu's fiancèe) said...May that be a lesson to you: pursue your Internet (and physical) crushes no matter how far away they are.

Raspa Time

Con tanto calor, se antoja una raspa de fresa. Los invito.