Cindylu and fiance drop by my blog

I felt honored recently, when my blog crush, CindyLu from Loteria Chicana, dropped by and left some comments on my blog. It was a total OMG-like moment for me. 

I had written a short entry, some time back, on her impending marriage, and I guess it carried across the internets. It was a too cool moment for me. At least now she knows I exist. Yeay. 
BTW, congrats to her and her fiance again. Weddings make me cry.
  (read their comments below)
cindylu said...
Thanks for the well wishes! *blushes*
May 27, 2011 6:07 PM
Anonymous Seanathan (a.k.a. Cindylu's fiancèe) said...
May that be a lesson to you: pursue your Internet (and physical) crushes no matter how far away they are.


BT Blues said…

I am officially jealous

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